U20s Newcastle Jets suffer their second defeat at the half way mark of the 2023 season


U20s Newcastle Jets suffered their second defeat in 13 games of the 2023 League 2 Men’s competition at the hands of Fraser Park FC, 2-1. Two misjudged bounces of the ball resulted in two goals scored by Fraser Park in the 15th and 37th minute that proved to be enough to secure the 3 points.

The Newcastle Jets lacked speed and intensity in the first half and their play was too predictable, playing out from the back. The first goal was scored when an innocent ball was heading towards the Newcastle keeper when a Newcastle defender didn’t put his body between the ball and an opposition player! The Fraser Park player managed to get a foot to the ball which resulted in it rolling into an empty net after deflecting off the post!

The second goal was almost identical to the first with a different Newcastle defender making the same error! Throughout the first half the Newcastle team was laborious and unproductive. There didn’t appear any clear strategy on how to open-up the opposition in order to score.

In the second half the Jets increased the speed and intensity and were quickly rewarded with a goal that came from a well crossed ball for a simple tap in. In the remainder of the game the Jets continued to probe the Fraser Park goal but to no avail.

The U20s continue to sit in first place at the half-way mark of the competition, 6 points clear from their nearest rival, despite this result.

Round 14 FNSW League Two Men’s:

Fraser Park FC vs Newcastle Jets on Sunday 7th May at Fraser Park, Sydney.

U20s Jets lost 2-1

Youth Jets drew 1-1


Round 14 FNSW League Two Men’s Results:

02 Result

01 result


FNSW League Two Men’s Table:

03 Table

Newcastle Jets: Nicholas Kacev 24, Samuel Esquilant 30, Dominic Archbold 33, Max Bailey 34, Amos Okumu 36, Lucas Walshe 41, George Tsamouras 44, Reinhard Lloyd 49, Kynan Watkins 50, Shiwa Dul 53, Seth Anderson 56 Subs: Zaviah Di Carlo 15, Ethan Lewis 20, Angus Martin 25, Jordan Gu 52, Lucas West 58

Round 12 FNSW Youth League One:

Marconi Stallions FC vs Newcastle Jets on Saturday 6th May at Wanderers Football Park.

U18s Jets lost 6-0

U16s Jets won 5-1

U15s Jets lost 3-1

U14s Jets – didn’t play

U13s Jets won 2-1

source: Tom Tsamouras

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