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PS4 NPL NNSW Round 8: The Hamilton Olympic juggernaut continues, 5-0 win away to Valantine


HAMILTON Olympic powered their way through Round 8 of the PS4 NPL by scoring another five goals away to hapless Valantine FC.

Despite the very cold and windy conditions at Cahill Oval on Saturday, Olympic slowly began to take control of the game and went into the interval with a 1-0 lead through a goal by Simon Mooney.

In the second half they kept the ball down and adapted to the weather conditions better than Valentine. Kane Goodchild and Pat Brown put Olympic 3-0 in the lead and put the game out of reach for the home side.

Valentine continued to fight for every ball and never stopped trying to even get a consolation goal. All this caused was for Olympic to catch the opposition on the break and during one suck attack Olympic were awarded a penalty. Leo Bertos made the score 4-0 and Matt Minors added a fifth in injury time!


U19s Valentine – Hamilton Olympic  0-3

U22s Valentine – Hamilton Olympic 2-3



Valentine – Hamilton Olympic  0-5

Lambton Jaffas – Emerging Jets Youth  1-1

Adamstown Rosebud – Weston Workers 2-1

Maitland – Edgeworth Eagles  1-3

Charlestown – Broadmeadow Magic  2-4



                                                                    P     W  D  L   F – A   PTS

  1. Hamilton Olympic               8      7   1   0     26-4     22
  2. Edgeworth                             8      6   1   1      24-9     19
  3. Maitland                                8      4   3   1      18-8      15
  4. Broadmeadow Magic           8      4   3   1     22-13    15
  5. Charlestown City                 8      4   2   2     17-16    14
  6. Lambton Jaffas                    8      2   2   4     16-6       8
  7. Adamstown                           8      2   0   5     8-27      6
  8. Newcastle Jets Youth          8     1    2   5     13-26     6
  9. Valentine                               8     1    2   5      9-22      5
  10. Weston Workers                  8     0    2   6     1-17       2


NPL Youth

Under 17s Lambton Jaffas vs Olympic 2-2
Under 15s Lambton Jaffas vs Olympic 3-0
Under 14s Lambton Jaffas vs Olympic 2-1
Under 13s Lambton Jaffas vs Olympic 3-1


Zone League 2
Olympic vs Westlakes
1st Grade Olympic won 1-0
2nd Grade drew 1-1

source: Tom Tsamouras

PS4 NPL NNSW Round 8 Preview: Hamilton Olympic away to Valentine


 Valentine Phoenix v Hamilton Olympic                                            Saturday May 28 3.00pm                                                                               Cahill Oval

Last Meeting: Hamilton 5 Valentine 0 at Darling Street Oval, June 16, 2013.

Ladder: Valentine 7th (5pts), Hamilton 1st (19pts)

Past 3 Starts (Most Recent First):

Valentine – Drew Magic (a) 3-3, Lost Eagles (h) 4-0, Won Bears (a) 2-1

Hamilton – Won Jets (h) 5-0, Won Magic (h), 3-1, Won Eagles (a) 3-2

Bottom Line

Valentine come into this match with plenty of confidence after giving Broadmeadow Magic a huge scare last weekend, leading 3-2 with 20 minutes left on the clock, but unfortunately for the Phoenix they couldn’t hold on. The clash with Hamilton will be the final week of a three-week examination of the Phoenix, after they met Edgeworth in Round 6.

After being thumped by Edgeworth they responded outstandingly last week and the Phoenix will not want to undo all the good work of last weekend with a poor showing in front of their home faithful.

Matt Paul will play his second match for the Phoenix after transferring over from Adamstown a week ago. Assistant coach Sam Griffin said Paul was ‘terrific’ against Magic and there is no doubt he will be better off after a few more training sessions with his new side.

Olympic have been unstoppable so far this season and will want to keep their winning streak alive against Valentine which has now stretched to 6 matches. Incredibly, Olympic have only lost 3 of their last 28 PlayStation 4 NPL matches.

Olympic have the best defence and attack in the competition, in defence they have just conceded 4 goals in their opening 7 games and in attack they have scored 21. Kane Goodchild scored his second hat-trick of the season against the Jets Youth and Valentine will need to be wary of the competition’s leading striker.

Valentine will need to work out how to beat Danny Ireland and interestingly enough they have one man who has beaten Ireland in their line-up in Matt Paul. Paul is just one of 4 players to put one past Ireland this year, and he scored for Adamstown back in Round 2 in their 3-1 loss to Olympic.

In an interesting side note Hamilton coach Mick Bolch meets his former club Valentine, who he left in 2009.

What the Coaches Said:

Sam Griffin (Valentine Assistant)

“To beat Hamilton, we probably need to have respect for the ball, create and build pressure. We did it for stages against Magic and we looked good when we held onto it and camped ourselves in their half. Even if we are not getting a shot away, we are keeping pressure on them and maybe forcing them into a mistake.”

Mick Bolch (Hamilton)

“Defensively we are going really well. Conceding four goals in the first seven games is really good and we have done a fair bit of work in defence. But, I’m impressed with how the boys have stepped up to the plate. We have lost Mason Campbell, Marcus Duncan and Andrew Swan hasn’t played a game and now Tommy Davies has left.”

“The guys are just adapting to what we need and contributing to the team across the park. Tommy Spencer in the middle of the park, flies under the radar a bit, he is very creative and skilful on the ball and has probably had a hand in 30% of our goals the year. But, the competition for spots is what is really driving the squad.”

Key: Can Valentine put the disappointment of not claiming a victory against Magic behind them and put on a similar fighting display in front of their home fans?

Head to head Statistics:

Hamilton Olympic – Valentine Phoenix 

                                           W       D    L          Total
HOME                              4         2      4           10
AWAY                               6         2      2           10
TOTAL                             10        4      6           20
2006       1-3   Darling St             *      28/5/06         0    0  1             L.Lawles
                 1-1   Darling St      (away)  29/7/06          0     1   0           M. Bigley
2007       2-3   Darling St                    20/5/07          0     0   1          J. Castillo
                 2-0  No1 Sportsgrnd           22/7/07          1     0   0          A. Provost
2008       2-0  Cahill  Oval                    4/5/08           0     1    0         J. Castillo
                 1-3   Darling St                      6/7/08           0      0    1        P. Juchnie
2009        1-1   Cahill Oval                    3/5/09           0      1     0        C. Berlin
                  2-6   Darling St                   30/7/09          0      0    1         J. Majurovski
                  1-2    Cahill Oval                 23/8/09          0      0    1         J. Majurovski
                  2-1    Wanderers   G/Final  13/9/09        1       0    0      M. Fletcher 
2010        5-1      Darling St                 2/5/10             1       0    0        P. Juchnie
                  2-1     Cahill Oval                20/6/10          1      0     0         P. Juchnie
                  1-0     Darling St                 22/8/10         1       0    0         Dino Faja
2011         2-0     Cahill Oval               3/4/11             1       0    0         C. Higgs
                  0-0    Darling St                 5/6/11             0      1     0
                  2-3    Cahill Oval                3/8/11             0      0    1            N. Gonca
2012         1-1     Blacksmiths              22/4/12          0      1     0         J. Majurovski
                  2-0     Darling St                 24/6/12          1      0    0         J. Majurovski
2013         3-0     Cahill Oval              27/4/13            1      0    0         C. Poole
                  5-0     Darling St                16/6/13            1      0     0        C. Poole

U19s Valentine FC vs Hamilton Olympic 11.30am Saturday 28th May, Cahill Oval

U22s Valentine FC vs Hamilton Olympic 1.30pm  Saturday 28th May, Cahill Oval



                                                                    P     W  D  L   F – A   PTS

  1. Hamilton Olympic               7      6   1   0     21-4      19
  2. Edgeworth                              7      5   1   1      21-8      16
  3. Maitland                                 7      4   3   0     17-5      15
  4. Charlestown City                 7      4   2   1     15-12    14
  5. Broadmeadow Magic         7      3   3   1     18-11     11
  6. Lambton Jaffas                    7     2    1   4     15-5       7
  7. Newcastle Jets Youth        7     1    1   5     12-25     4
  8. Valentine                               7     1    2   4      9-17      4
  9. Adamstown                           7     1    0   5     6-26      3
  10. Weston Workers                 7     0    2   5     4-15      2



After Round 10 in which the Olympic NPL youth teams recorded four wins from four matches against Edgeworth, our young Olympians travel to Arthur Eden Oval to meet Lambton Jaffas on Sunday.

U13 Olympic  kick off 10.00 a.m. Sund. 29 May at Arthur Eden Oval

U14 Olympic  kick off 11.30 a.m. Sund. 29 May at  Arthur Eden Oval

U15 Olympic  kick off   1.00 p.m. Sund. 29 May at  Arthur Eden Oval

U17 Olympic  kick off   2.30 p.m. Sund. 29 May at Arthur Eden Oval

source: Tom Tsamouras


Maitland Magpies v Edgeworth Eagles

Sunday May 29, 2.30pm

Cooks Square Park

Last Meeting: Maitland 0 Edgeworth 2 at Cooks Square Park, July 12, 2015.

Ladder: Maitland 3rd (15pts) Edgeworth 2nd (16pts)

Past 3 Starts (Most Recent First):

Maitland – Won Weston (a) 3-0, Drew Jaffas (h) 0-0, Won Jets (h) 4-1

Edgeworth – Won Blues (h) 6-1, Won Phoenix (a) 4-0, Lost Olympic (h) 3-2

Bottom Line

Second meets third this Sunday afternoon as part of the ‘Match of the Round’ in the 2016 PlayStation® 4 National Premier League Northern NSW competition and both Edgeworth and Maitland will be looking to keep pace with ladder leaders Hamilton Olympic.

The home side come into this clash after an undefeated run across the opening seven rounds which has seen them claim 4 wins and 3 draws and will be full of confidence after disposing of their rivals Weston last weekend in a clinical 3-0 win.

While Matt Crowell will remain on the sidelines for some time with a hernia, Dean Heffernan’s first full match since being suspended in Round 2 brought, a goal for himself and a clean sheet to boot. Heffernan’s move to the centre of defence looks a good one, however Edgeworth’s attack will ask more questions of the Magpies defence than Weston’s did last weekend.

Carl Thornton has continued his impressive form in his move into the midfield and his ability to drop back and defend has further shored up Maitland’s defence.

For Edgeworth their start to the season has also been very impressive, their only hiccup being a 3-2 loss to Hamilton Olympic. Brody Taylor and Keanu Moore both grabbed a brace on Sunday against Charlestown and will be crucial this weekend against a Maitland defensive unit which has been difficult to break down.

Keigo Moriyasu produced another spectacular free kick last round and Maitland will be looking to reduce the amount of free kicks they give within Moriyasu’s range. Daniel McBreen will also be back for Edgeworth in another boost for their front third.

While Edgeworth’s attack has drawn all the attention, their defence has gone mostly unnoticed. Josh Evans and Pat Wheeler at the back have been great for the Eagles all year and have helped the Eagles to boast the third best defensive record in the league, with just 8 goals conceded in 7 matches. That is only behind their opponents Maitland (5) and first placed Hamilton (4).

What the Coaches Said:

Damian Zane (Edgeworth)

“I think some people will be surprised that Maitland are up near the top of the ladder. Once I knew Steve Piggott was taking charge, I knew they would be. I tipped them at the start of the year to make the top 4.”

“Piggo is pretty astute and I think he will try to nullify our pace. They sat fairly deep against Hamilton in Round 1 and I expect they may do the same. But, he might surprise me and come out at us. We just need to worry about ourselves. I back us, that if we are at our best, we can beat anyone.”

Steve Piggott (Maitland)

“I was very happy on the weekend, their discipline, keeping clean sheets and only 5 goals conceded [for the year]. It’s a tough assignment playing Edgeworth. I still tip them to be the best side in the competition. They have mobility everywhere and they are sharp. The secret for us is to stop them scoring goals.”

Key: Cooks Square Park has been a hard place to score goals this year, so how well can Edgeworth adapt to the normally windy conditions at Maitland?

Join myself and Declan Payne live on BarTV from 2.30pm.


Lambton Jaffas v Jets Youth

Saturday May 28, 2.30pm

Arthur Edden Oval

Last Meeting: Jets Youth 2 Lambton 3 at Arthur Edden Oval, June 13, 2015.

Ladder: Lambton 6th (7pts), Jets Youth 8th (4pts)

Past 3 Starts (Most Recent First):

Lambton – Won Rosebud (h) 3-0, Drew Magpies (a) 0-0, Lost Blues (h) 3-1

Jets Youth – Lost Olympic (h) 5-0, Won Rosebud (a) 3-0, Lost Magpies (a) 4-1

Bottom Line

These two sides have treated us to some tight contests over the last two seasons. In their four most recent clashes, one goal has separated the sides, the Jets however have only won one of those matches.

The Lambton Jaffas have returned to form in recent weeks with 2 wins, a draw and a loss from their last four matches, which followed on from 3 losses to start the season.

Coach James Pascoe’s style is now starting to show in a Jaffas’ line-up with a mix of the old and new and a charge for the top 4 looks like it has begun. Last weekend saw their most dominant performance when they disposed of Adamstown 5-0 at home.

Luke Remington scored his first goal of the season in that match and went on to grab a hat-trick, as the

PlayStation 4 NPL Northern NSW Player of the Year in 2015 found form. If he can bring that kind of performance against the Jets, it could be a tough afternoon for their young defence.

For the Jets, they copped a 5-0 thumping from Hamilton Olympic last weekend, but the score line probably didn’t reflect the chances the young side created. Kristan Brymora, once again, was impressive up front, but trying to put one past Danny Ireland in the Hamilton goal proved a task which was too difficult.

Its was individual errors at the back which cost them against Hamilton, who were prepared to sit deep and strike when the Jets made a mistake. Lambton, normally like to control the ball, so it will be interesting to see if James Pascoe’s side take that same approach against a side that likes to do the same.

Caio DeGodoy will be a key for the Jets at the back, his size, strength and overall performances have been a major shining light for the Jets, in a season where they have conceded more than 3 goals a game on average.

What the Coaches Said:

Clayton Zane (Jets)

“Our strategy doesn’t really change. We set out to control games with the ball and pretty much every game, on the weekend it was a bit closer to 50-50 but every other match we have controlled the game and had most of the ball. Obviously still dealing with counter attacks is an issue with us, but we want to be the team on the front foot in every game we play.”

Key: The Jets taking their chances. They created plenty against Hamilton last week but couldn’t breach Danny Ireland’s defences. With a defence conceding more than three a game, the Jets need some goals this week.

Adamstown Rosebud v Weston Workers Bears

Sunday May 29, 2.30pm

Adamstown Oval

Last Meeting: Weston 1 Adamstown 2 at Rockwell Automation Park, June 13, 2015.

Ladder: Adamstown 9th (3pts) Weston 10th (2pts)

Past 3 Starts (Most Recent First):

Adamstown – Lost Jaffas (a) 5-0, Lost Jets (h) 3-0, Lost Maitland (h) 6-1

Weston – Lost Maitland (h) 3-0, Lost Blues (a) 1-0, Lost Phoenix (h) 2-1

Bottom Line

Both Adamstown and Weston will be looking to halt a four match losing run, which has seen both teams slide to the bottom of the ladder in the PlayStation 4 NPL.

On the scoreboard, Adamstown were thumped by Lambton last weekend but in the contest they were right in the game for the opening 60 minutes, only being down 1-0 at the time. The Rosebud’s will be aiming to bring that type of performance against a Bear’s side who also have also struggled this year.

Adamstown’s defence is a big concern, as they have leaked 26 goals across the 7 matches played so far. Their young centre backs in Owen Littlewood and Dylan Schrauder are still developing their combination and will be keen to keep Weston quiet.

Weston’s performance in the final third has been their major concern this season, scoring just one goal in their last 6 matches, which was from the penalty spot. Last weekend, they played against a Maitland side who were down to 10 men for more than half of the game and struggled to create chances.

Gary McDermott, has been the most impressive for the Bears upfront and he scored a hat-trick in Round 1 against the Jets and the visitors will no doubt be looking to him in attack. The Bear’s defence has been solid this season, Greg Anderson at the back has been outstanding and he will be another key man for Weston.

Mick Ryan returns for Weston after missing the derby with Maitland.

What the Coaches Said:

Graham Law (Adamstown)

“Weston are in the same position as us. They have been depleted this year and are building a new squad. Some of the games I have seen of Weston this year, I watch every game on BarTV, they just haven’t had a stroke of luck.”

“One thing I’ll say is that they are honest boys, they are putting in their all in for this club and we just need to get a break.”

Trevor Morris (Weston)

“If the older, senior blokes aren’t performing, we will give the younger guys a go. They have had their chance, 7 games, no wins. Surely you wouldn’t disagree if we were to drop them and give the young blokes a go. There is only one way to get experience and that is play.”

Key: Heart. Its been a tough season for both clubs and whichever team wants it more will get the job done at Adamstown.


Charlestown City Blues v Broadmeadow Magic

Sunday May 29, 2.30pm

Lisle Carr Oval.

Last Meeting: Broadmeadow 2 Charlestown 0 at Magic Park, August 8, 2015.

Ladder: Broadmeadow 5th (12pts) Charlestown 4th (14pts)

Past 3 Starts (Most Recent First):

Charlestown – Lost Eagles (a) 6-1, Won Bears (h) 1-0, Won Jaffas (a) 3-1

Broadmeadow – Drew Phoenix (h) 3-3, Lost Olympic (a) 3-1, Won Jets (a) 4-1

Bottom Line

Charlestown City Blues return home to Lisle Carr Oval in Round 8 keen to put the disappointment of their first loss of the season behind them in their 6-1 defeat at Edgeworth.

The Blues record against Broadmeadow is better than most sides in the competition, with Charlestown winning 3 of their last 5 matches against Magic and 2 of their last 3. They haven’t lost against Broadmeadow at Lisle Carr Oval since 2013 and Shane Pryce will be hoping his side can keep that good run alive.

Charlestown were right in the contest with Edgeworth for much of the match in Round 6, with Charlestown only down 2-1 after 66 minutes. But, a 4 goal blitz in the final 24 minutes hurt the Blues and their so far very good defensive record in 2016.

Charlestown will have to be wary in the first half especially, with 8 of Broadmeadow last 11 goals coming in the first half of matches.

After three wins and two draws from their opening five matches Broadmeadow were entrenched in the top four, however they have fallen outside the finals spots in the last couple of weeks following a 3-1 defeat at Hamilton followed by a draw with Valentine.

If Broadmeadow drop 3 points to Charlestown a gap of a least 3 points will appear between them and the top four, which is a position they don’t want to be in. Co-coach Bobby Naumov was disappointed that Broadmeadow didn’t take enough of their chances against Valentine in front of goal, however their defence is also a concern, as they have leaked 3 goals in their last 2 matches.

What the Coaches Said:

Shane Pryce (Charlestown)

“I don’t think the match against Edgeworth is a true indication of where we are at. It’s a wake up call. They are a lot better than us at the moment, but we have got room to improve. 6-1 is embarrassing to us. That really hurt and cut a few of the senior players up.”

“I think it will be a cracker of a game in my mind, because Broadmeadow are looking to erase last weekend and we are definitely looking to improve from last week. You’ve got to be mentally prepared and physically prepared at the start of the whistle. The pace that they have got out wide, has been obviously working for them, as that’s where they have been getting their early goals and we will look to nullify that.

Bobby Naumov (Broadmeadow)

“Charlestown have been the surprise team this year. They got smacked last weekend and that can be a good thing or a bad thing. Sometimes teams react differently after a loss.”

“We just need to worry about ourselves, every game you drop points, the following weeks become must win to keep in touch with the top teams. We need to get on a role ASAP.”

Key: The first half. 8 of Magic’s last 11 goals have come in the first half. If Charlestown can weather the early storm, this will go down to the wire.

Northern NSW Football Preliminary Round 6 Fixtures: Hamilton Olympic draw Norths United from Armidale


The Westfield FFA Cup Draw for the upcoming Round 6 matches scheduled for Saturday 18th June, 2016 at Lake Macquarie Regional Football Facility, Speers Point:

M1 – Lambton Jaffas FC v Belmont Swansea Utd       LMRFF  –  Field  1    10.00 am

M2 – Singleton Strikers FC v Thornton Redbacks FC  LMRFF  –  Field  1           12.00 am

M3 – Hamilton Olympic FC v Norths United FC   LMRFF  –  Field  1         02.00 pm

M4 – Edgeworth FC v Urunga Raiders FC               LMRFF  –  Field  1     04.00 am

Round 7 fixtures will be drawn out of the hat following the completion of Round 6 matches on Saturday (18-06) evening at LMRFF.


PS4 NPL NNSW ROUND 7: Hamilton Olympic too strong for Newcastle Jets Youth


Kane Goodchild

HAMILTON Olympic striker Kane Goodchild scored a hat-trick in a comfortable 5-0 win for his side in the Northern NSW NPL on Saturday.

Leaders Olympic beat the Jets youth team at Darling Street after leading 3-0 at half-time.

The young Jets troubled the home side in the first half, creating several clear chances and forcing turnovers, but two defensive errors cost them dearly.

Olympic controlled the second half as Goodchild completed his hat-trick with a close-range header from a clever Simon Mooney cross.

Midfielder Jacob Bailey and substitute Pat Brown also scored as Hamilton went five points clear at the top of the table.

U19s Newcastle Jets Youth – Hamilton Olympic  1-1

U22s Newcastle Jets Youth – Hamilton Olympic 1-3


Newcastle Jets Youth – Hamilton Olympic  0-5

Lambton Jaffas – Adamstown  5-0

Broadmeadow – Valentine  3-3

Wston Bears  – Maitland   0-3

Edgeworth – Charlestown  6-1



                                                                    P     W  D  L   F – A   PTS

  1. Hamilton Olympic               7      6   1   0     21-4      19
  2. Edgeworth                             7      5   1   1      21-8      16
  3. Maitland                                7      4   3   0     17-5      15
  4. Charlestown City                  7      4   2   1     15-12    14
  5. Broadmeadow Magic           7      3   3   1     18-11     11
  6. Lambton Jaffas                     7     2    1   4     15-5       7
  7. Newcastle Jets Youth          7     1    1   5     12-25     4
  8. Valentine                               7     1    2   4      9-17      4
  9. Adamstown                           7     1    0   5     6-26       3
  10. Weston Workers                  7     0    2   5     4-15       2



NPL Youth
Olympic vs Edgeworth
Under 17s won 2-1
Under 15s won 3-0
Under 14s won 6-4
Under 13s won 4-2

PS4 NPL NNSW ROUND 7: Hamilton Olympic welcome Newcastle Jets Youth


Newcastle Jets Youth v Hamilton Olympic                                           Saturday, May 21, 2.30pm                                                                           Darling Street Oval

After a confidence boosting win in Round 6 of the PlayStation 4 NPL, the Newcastle Jets Youth side will meet an in form Hamilton Olympic side in Round 7.

After leaking 20 goals in their opening five matches the Jets produced a solid defensive performance against Adamstown, recording their first clean sheet for 2016. The Jets attack has been less of a concern, already scoring 12 goals so far this season. It was Krisitan Brymora who was the star for the Jets Youth, as he grabbed a hat-trick and went to equal first in the leading scorers of the 2016 PlayStation 4 NPL Northern NSW.

Brymora will once again be key for the Jets against an Olympic side who sits atop the ladder, with an outstanding defensive record. Cameron Joice will also be another important player for the Jets if they are to cause a major upset.

Jets coach Clayton Zane was looking forward to the challenge of taking on Olympic.

“They’re going to be a big physical test for us, it will be a very difficult match. They throw everything but the kitchen sink at you. They’ve got Goodchild up front, Rhys Cooper is clever, and [Tommy] Spencer. They have got people that can break forward at pace.”

Hamilton Olympic, have been outstanding since their opening round stalemate with Maitland at a windy Cooks Square Park. Since then Michael Bolch’s side has grabbed 15 points from 5 matches, including knocking off Edgeworth 3-2 in Round 5 and then taking down Broadmeadow last weekend 3-1.

The questions for Olympic will be whether they can keep the good form going, after a couple of tough matches against quality opposition. The young Jets’ attack has been firing of late and Hamilton with the best defence in the competition currently – conceding just 4 goals in 6 matches – will not want to take them lightly.

Olympic coach Michael Bolch is wary of the threats the Jets Youth possess.

“They’re sharp over the whole park, they’re very fit and keep possession very well. We just need to concentrate on ourselves. At the moment we are winning our battles, everyone is winning their individual battles.”

However, Bolch wants to ensure his side remains focused.

“It’s a long season and everyone’s talking about top of the table, but for me we are only six games in. For us as a group we went to the first 12 or 13 Rounds undefeated last year and finished 3rd. As soon as you take your foot off the peddle, you get shot in the foot. You need to show everyone respect when you play them.”

Key: Against a side with plenty of pace in attack, can Kyle Hodges marshal his defence to keep the Jets’ young guns quiet?

U19s kick off at

U22s  kick off at 12.45


                                                            P     W  D  L   F – A   PTS

  1. Hamilton Olympic        6      5   1   0    16-4      16
  2. Charlestown City          6      4   2   0    14-6      14
  3. Edgeworth                      6      4   1   1     15-7      13
  4. Maitland                          6     3   3   0     14-5     12
  5. Broadmeadow Magic     6     3    2   1     15-8     11
  6. Lambton Jaffas              6     1    1   4     10-5     4
  7. Newcastle Jets Youth   6     1    1   4     12-20   4
  8. Valentine                         6     1    1   6     14-8     4
  9. Adamstown                     6    1    0   5     6-21     3
  10. Weston Workers           6     0    2   4     4-12     2




After Round 9 in which the Olympic NPL youth teams recorded great success against Broadmeadow Magic, our young Olympians welcome Edgeworth Eagles to Darling St Oval this Sunday.

U13 Olympic  kick off 10.00 a.m. Sund. 22 May at Darling St Oval

U14 Olympic  kick off 11.30 a.m. Sund. 22 May at Darling St Oval

U15 Olympic  kick off   1.00 p.m. Sund. 22 May at Darling St Oval

U17 Olympic  kick off   2.30 p.m. Sund. 22 May at Darling St Oval

source: Tom Tsamouras



Lambton Jaffas v Adamstown Rosebud

Saturday, May 21, 2.30pm

Arthur Edden Oval

The Lambton Jaffas will be looking for their first points at home in 2016, when they return to Arthur Edden Oval for their Round 7 clash with Adamstown.

With 3 losses to open their account in front of the Jaffas faithful, Lambton will want to turn things around and bridge the gap starting to appear on the ladder between themselves and the top 5 sides. The Jaffas so far in 2016 have been far from disappointing as their solitary win and draw suggest.

They were in front against Edgeworth in the opening round until the final ten minutes and with a bit more luck against Broadmeadow in Round 2 they could easily have snatched at least a point. A point at Maitland on the weekend, suggests they are up with the quality of the leading pack and a win looks just around the corner.

Jaffas coach James Pascoe is upbeat that a change in fortunes is not far away.

“We’re not really getting the rub of the green at the minute, but the boys are working hard and I know that will turn around.”

For Adamstown, a 3-0 loss to the Jets Youth side on Sunday was a bitter pill to swallow for coach Graham Law. With the Rosebuds now sitting second bottom on the ladder, with just one win and 5 losses to open their campaign. Injuries and suspensions have cruelled their chances, but Law believes he still has a quality squad, regardless of what has happened.

“There is no question whatsoever, that we have got a good side. Don’t get me wrong, we have 4-5 players out that are key players, but there is only so long you can use that as an excuse. We are training really, really well, but we just aren’t taking that into a game environment.”

The loss of Matt Paul for Adamstown will be significant, as he announced this week that he would make the move to Valentine effective immediately.

Key: John Majurovski and Chris Berlin. In both side’s they recorded 2-0 wins against Valentine this season, both were on the scoresheet. Can one of these experienced campaigners inspire their side to a much needed victory?

Broadmeadow Magic v Valentine Phoenix

Sunday, May 22, 2.30pm

Magic Park

After an undefeated start to the year before a loss to rivals Hamilton last weekend, Broadmeadow Magic will be looking to get their first win over Valentine since they were relegated in 2013.

Broadmeadow, after being unable to shake the monkey off their back against Hamilton, will no doubt be keen to avenge the loss back in front of their home fans. The loss last weekend saw them slip outside the top 4 for the first time this season.

Magic co-coach Bobby Naumov knows how important it is for his side to keep up with the top 4.

“We’ve put ourselves in a bad position now, that we are really chasing the pack. Therefore, we can’t afford to drop any points. We need to target winning for our next four or five games and hope some of the top sides slip up a little bit so come halfway through the season we are only within a point or two of the top sides.”

For Valentine, this represents the 2nd week of three tough matches for the Phoenix. They went down 4-0 to Edgeworth last weekend, before meeting Hamilton Olympic next weekend.

Brenton Olzomer has been prolific in attack for the Phoenix this season with four goals, while Josh Swaddling has also caused headaches for opposition sides and was unlucky not to score against Edgeworth on Saturday.

At the back Alex Burrell, will be crucial for the Phoenix alongside captain Scott McGinley and coach Darren Sills will look at trying to combat Magic’s pace up front.

“They got in behind us a number of times in the trial. We played a way too high line and didn’t have any pressure on the ball and that’s a recipe for disaster. This week we will look at how we set up. On the weekend we changed formation twice just to see if we could get something out of it. I thought we were good with a basic 4-4-2 formation for the last 30 minutes against Edgeworth.”

Valentine will welcome a fantastic addition for them in their midfield this weekend. Matt Paul will play his first match for the Phoenix, after it was announced that he had transferred from Adamstown this week.

Key: If Valentine’s backline are unable to keep the likes of Kale Bradbury, Peter Haynes and James Virgili quiet, it could be a long afternoon for them.

Edgeworth Eagles v Charlestown City Blues

Sunday, May 22, 2.45pm

Jack McLaughlan Oval

An intriguing fixture on Sunday afternoon sees the undefeated Charlestown travel to Edgeworth to meet the Eagles.

After 6 rounds the visitors sit in second place on the ladder, with four wins and two draws. This match marks the beginning of a three-week test for Shane Pryce’s men. They meet Broadmeadow next weekend, before travelling to Hamilton in Round nine. Written off at the start of the year by many, Charlestown have proved their doubters wrong over the opening six rounds of the season.

But coach Shane Pryce doesn’t want them to get ahead of themselves.

“It’s funny, a season can change in two or three weeks. We’ll enjoy the confidence we have got from our previous performances, but going forward, the key is trying to maintain this form.”

Pryce was also excited for the challenge of taking on the Eagles.

“I think it’s going to be a good challenge for the boys to see where we are at, because we are undefeated and there is a bit of confidence around it. On their day, Edgeworth are a very tough and organised opponent.”

For Edgeworth, so far their season has gone to the script, the only blip has been a 3-2 loss to top of the table Hamilton. A result which Damian Zane and his side will probably not look at with too much disappointment, as it is better to lose in round 5, than in August and September when the title is on the line.

Coach Damian Zane’s policy of giving his whole squad a chance to perform in first grade has once again proved successful in 2016 and he explained the reasons behind his plan.

“I’ve seen players who are always on the bench lose hope. It’s hard if you’re deflated to get yourself up for every training session. I just think giving everyone a chance keeps training intense and because training is intense, I’ve got faith that if young guys do well at training, then they will do well on the weekend.”

Edgeworth’s strike power is open for everyone to see and that is where Charlestown will need to be wary. Edgeworth boast former A-League golden boot Daniel McBreen, rising stars Keanu Moore and Brody Taylor, the experience of Bren Hammel as well as a young Japanese star in Keigo Moriyasu.

Rene Ferguson and Scott Smith will be the key men up front for Charlestown and there is no doubt they will need to put some in the back of the net if that are to beat the Eagles.

Key: Charlestown’s Defence. So far outstanding in 2016, but they will face its toughest test against the Eagles. If Todd McSorley and his defensive partners produce an outstanding display, Charlestown will go a long way to keeping their undefeated run going.

Weston Workers v Maitland Magpies

Sunday, May 22, 2.30pm

Rockwell Automation Park

The first coalfields derby will take place at Rockwell Automation Park on Sunday afternoon as part of the ‘Match of the Round’ in the 2016 PlayStation® 4 National Premier League Northern NSW competition and there is plenty of interest in this one.

You would be excused for thinking which side is which, with the amount of transfers over the off season between these two sides.

Steve Piggott returns to Rockwell Automation Park for the first time as a PlayStation 4 NPL first grade coach since he left Weston after guiding them to the 2014 Grand Final.

Carl Thornton, Liam Thornton, Brock Oakley and Tim Pratt all played for Weston last season and return to their old stomping ground, while both of Weston’s goalkeepers Benn Kelly and James Wand take on their former side.

Last season the two derbies where tight tense affairs where the only goal from 180 minutes of football was scored by Weston’s Troy Hearfield at Cooks Square Park in Round 5. However this year they will be looking at their other attack as Hearfield is no longer, which will include the likes of Gary McDermott and Mick Ryan.

The sides are at opposite ends of the ladder to where they were last season, with Weston currently sitting last with their only points from two draws. Maitland on the other hand haven’t been defeated this season, with three wins and three draws from their opening six matches.

The Bears attack has been an achilles heel this season, which is the worst in the competition to date. They have managed just four goals in six matches and Trevor Morris believes hard work at training is key.

“We’ll go over some drills at training and get ourselves to replicate match positions. We just need to execute a bit better. When you’re down like this, you just have to dig that little bit deeper and work that little bit harder.”

They meet a Maitland side who are coming off a gritty 0-0 draw with the Jaffas last weekend. The Magpies have proven themselves without their main men Matt Thompson, Matt Crowell and Dean Heffernan who have been injured and suspended at different times throughout the season.

Maitland’s defence has been brilliant this season, with the addition of Carl Thornton, Brock Oakley and Liam Thornton from Weston bolstering their backline. Tim Pratt will also meet his former teammates and former coach Steve Piggott, as he signed for Maitland as a backup to Matt Trott.

Will both sides having quality defensive line-ups, it will no doubt be a tight and gritty affair with neither side wanting to give too much away.

Join myself and Gary Fisher from 2.30pm on Sunday Afternoon live on BarTV.

Key: Weston’s attack. After a spluttering start of the year in attack, if Weston’s front men can fire against their rivals, an upset could be on the cards.


NNSW NPL: Tommy Spencer making up for lost time at Hamilton


TOMMY Spencer thought that was it for him and football after pulling out of the Hamilton squad on the eve of 2015.

Six rounds into 2016, Spencer has the drive back and is showing why Hamilton coach Michael Bolch was so keen to have him on board.

In the 3-1 win over Broadmeadow on Sunday, Spencer provided the touch to put Kane Goodchild away on goal before Simon Mooney tapped in a rebound for the equaliser.

Spencer then turned his defender inside out before providing the cross for Daniel Bird to score Olympic’s second.

With the likes of Goodchild, Bird, Mooney, Leo Bertos and Rhys Cooper already in Hamilton’s attacking arsenal, Spencer has given Bolch a welcomed selection headache as Olympic look to maintain their hold on top spot.

“Tommy Spencer is very good, and he’s improving,” Bolch said.

“He hadn’t played for 18 months and his fitness is getting better every week. At the moment he’s playing 60, 70 minutes, building into it, but he’s doing really well.

“He’s the most technical player in our group. He’s quality at training and with some of the goals he scores.”

Spencer, who turns 32 this year, was a long-time Sydney first-grade player and a key signing for Olympic last year before the strain of fatherhood, travel and work prompted him to take a break.

The primary school teacher, a multiple premiership-winner with Northern Tigers in Sydney, was grateful for the second chance at Olympic.

“I lasted until two weeks before the comp, but we had a bub and a few issues and unfortunately I had to give it away,” Spencer said. “I thought that was going to be it, to be honest. 

“Then I got the drive back to want to play again. I kept in touch with Bolchy through last year and he gave me another opportunity, which was nice.

“It was hard ringing up Bolchy and telling him last year, because he’s a good bloke and I didn’t want to let him down, but I had to look after myself and the family.”

Spencer, though, admitted he has had to put in the hard yards to get back in the mix at Hamilton.

“I was pushing 92 kilos and I’ve dropped about eight to nine kilos since December,” he said. “I knew I had to put in the effort if I wanted to come back again.

“Having the year off, though, probably did me the world of good because I was a bit stale and a bit over it, so it was good to have the year off and freshen up.”

Meanwhile, in the window for roster changes, Hamilton have brought in Andrew Swan, who went out of the squad on an injury waiver to bring in Grant Brown from the Jaffas. Brown now comes in as a direct replacement for Marcus Duncan, who has joined Northcote City in the Victorian NPL.

Hamilton Olympic Winter Coaching Clinic

HOFC2016 (JPG - for web)

The Hunter’s only INDOOR 5 Day Coaching Clinic

For ages 5 to 13 years. All players welcome.

Applications close on Friday 1 July 2016, or when booked out.
Last years clinic was booked out, so get in early to avoid disappointment.
Have fun, improve your football skills.
Make new friends.
Have a break from (and for) mum and dad!
Great value.

Where   Geneis Fitness HOWZAT
Cnr Darby and Tooke Sts Newcastle NSW 2300
When   Mon 4 July to Friday 8 July 2016 (first week of July school holidays)  
Times   9am to 12 noon  
Ages   5 – 13 years  
Cost   $120 per child, 2nd child $100. Family of three $300  

Staff on duty from 8.00am

Joggers and shin pads must be worn

• Specialised coaching
• Certificate of participation
• Football and drink bottle
• Fruit + refreshments each day
• Pizza lunch on the last day

Joggers and shin pads must be worn!

Coaches include Leo Bertos, (ex Kiwi and A-League player), as well as current senior HOFC NPL players.

To register just fill in the application form below. Direct deposit details included below.

Alternatively you can download this application form and post it the club. All details are on the form.
You can also pay by cheque or even cash.

If you have any questions, contact Con:

  • OR
  • 0423 221 352.

For more information visit:

source: Tom Tsamouras

NNSW NPL: Hamilton strike force on target in 3-1 win over Broadmeadow Magic


HAMILTON Olympic coach Michael Bolch admits he would never say his team were the ones to beat this Northern NSW National Premier League season.

But it’s getting harder to argue against the tag after Olympic followed a 3-2 win over premiers Edgeworth with a 3-1 victory over Broadmeadow on Sunday at Darling Street Oval in round six.

After James Virgili got in behind and scored in the seventh minute for Magic, Olympic’s Tom Spencer then Daniel Bird, twice, had shots blocked. Broadmeadow’s Michael Finlayson had a one-on-one chance denied a minute before Simon Mooney equalised in the 38th off a Kane Goodchild strike that was cleared off the line.

Olympic goalkeeper Danny Ireland blocked a Kale Bradbery shot and produced a diving save to deny Shane Paul before Bird scored in first-half injury time from Spencer’s run and cross.

Olympic made it 3-1 in the 70th minute when Leo Bertos scored from the spot after keeper Nick Hartnett was penalised for a challenge on Rhys Cooper, whose shot after the hit went in but the goal was disallowed. The win kept Hamilton two points clear at the top of the table but Bolch was wary of his side becoming complacent after two memorable victories.

“Now we go into Jets, Valo, Charlestown, so we’ve got to keep it going,” Bolch said. 

“Those results against Edgy and Magic mean nothing if you don’t win those games. There’s a long way to go and I’m never going to say we’re the team to beat.”

Bolch praised the work of Tom Davies in marking James Virgili from the 35th minute, when Matt Swan went off injured, and Bertos, who dropped back to right fullback. The coach, though, was equally pleased with his strike force. “Everyone talks about Magic’s front third, but I wouldn’t swap our front third for any other team,” Bolch said.

Magic co-coach Robert Virgili believed “there wasn’t much between the sides”.

“It just came down to taking chances,” Virgili said. “We had a chance to go 2-0 up and missed it, and they’re a side that when they go ahead, they are hard to peg back.”


U19s Hamilton Olympic – Broadmeadow Magic 0-2

U22s Hamilton Olympic – Broadmeadow Magic 2-1


PS4 NPL NNSW Round 6 Results:

Valentine – Edgeworth FC  0-4

Adamstown Rosebud – Newcastle Jets Youth 0-3

Maitland – Lambton Jaffas 0-0

Hamilton Olympic – Broadmeadow Magic 3-1

Charlestown City – Weston  1-0



                                                            P     W  D  L   F – A   PTS

  1. Hamilton Olympic        6      5   1   0    16-4      16
  2. Charlestown City          6      4   2   0    14-6      14
  3. Edgeworth                      6      4   1   1     15-7      13
  4. Maitland                          6     3   3   0     14-5     12
  5. Broadmeadow Magic     6     3    2   1     15-8     11
  6. Lambton Jaffas              6     1    1   4     10-5     4
  7. Newcastle Jets Youth   6     1    1   4     12-20   4
  8. Valentine                         6     1    1   6     14-8     4
  9. Adamstown                     6    1    0   5     6-21     3
  10. Weston Workers           6     0    2   4     4-12     2



u13s  Broadmeadow Magic –  Olympic  2-4

u14s  Broadmeadow Magic –  Olympic  2-2

u15s  Broadmeadow Magic –  Olympic  0-4

u13s  Broadmeadow Magic –  Olympic  2-3

source: Tom Tsamouras

PS4 NPL NNSW ROUND 6: Hamilton Olympic take on Broadmeadow magic


Hamilton Olympic FC v Broadmeadow Magic FC                                      Darling Street Oval                                                                                Sunday, May 15, 2.30pm

The Match of the Round in Round 6 of the PlayStation® 4 NPL Northern NSW season, presents us with our first battle between perennial rivals Hamilton Olympic and Broadmeadow Magic. Two sides, who are yet to be defeated in 2016.

Olympic have had the wood over Magic of late winning 4 of the last 5 clashes between the pair. In fact, the last time Magic beat Olympic was in 2013, where they needed 6 goals to get past Olympic in a thrilling 6-5 win at Darling Street.

Olympic will be full of confidence after last weeks’ Grand Final rematch, where they nosed out Edgeworth in what was a very tight encounter 3-2. Goalkeeper Danny Ireland was outstanding and you wonder just how many points his performances in goals for Hamilton will be worth come seasons end.

Coach Mick Bolch said his side “was buzzing” after the win against Edgeworth and that the match “was a massive confidence booster, after beating one of the benchmark sides.”

On the clash with Magic, Bloch said it was a game “the players live for” and he was pleased the previously suspended Simon Mooney would return for the derby.

For Broadmeadow, it has been their attack which has been most impressive in 2016. With 14 goals in their opening 5 matches, they boast the most potent attack in the competition. With a three pronged strike power including Kale Bradbury, James Virgili and Peter Haynes, Magic have been almost unstoppable in front of goal.

However, a matchup with Olympic, who have conceded just 3 goals this season will be a test for Broadmeadow’s front men.

Broadmeadow co-coach Rob Virgili believes it will be a tight contest.

“Hamilton are in good form at the moment, and we are in pretty good form, so I don’t think there will be much in it.”

But he would still like to see a more polished performance from his side.

“I’d like to see more improvement in the side from back to front, but at the moment we are undefeated and we just need to keep the momentum going.”

Join Chris Turner, Damien Smith and myself live from 2.30pm this Sunday on BarTV.

Key: With the best defence in the PlayStation 4 NPL Northern NSW competition – Hamilton will need to keep up their outstanding defensive record against a Broadmeadow side that has the best attack in the competition.

U19s Hamilton Olympic vs Broadmeadow Magic Sunday 15th  May Darling St Oval 11.00 am

U22s Hamilton Olympic vs Broadmeadow Magic Sunday 15th  May Darling St Oval 12.45 pm


  P    W   D  L    F – A       P

1  Hamilton Olympic                                        5     4    1   0     13-3           13

2  Broadmeadow Magic                                    5     3     2    0    14-5          11

3  Charlestown  City                                          5     3     2   0    13-6           11

4  Edgeworth  FC                                               5     3      1   1    11-7          10

5  Maitland FC                                                   4     2     2   0    10-4            8

6  Valentine                                                       5      0     1   3    4-9               4

7  Adamstown Rosebud                               5     1      0   4    6-18             3

7   Lambton Jaffas                                            5     1      0   4    5-10            3

8    Weston Workers                                         5     0      2   3    4-11            2

10   Newcastle Jets Youth                                4     0      1    3   8-16          1



After a Round 8 in which the three of the four Olympic NPL youth teams recorded mixed results against the Emerging Jets, Round 9 finds us travelling away to Magic Park to face Broadmeadow.

U13 Olympic  kick off 10.00 a.m. Sat. 14 May at Magic Park

U14 Olympic  kick off 11.30 a.m. Sat. 14 May at Magic Park

U15 Olympic  kick off   1.00 p.m. Sat. 14 May at Magic Park

U17 Olympic  kick off   2.30 p.m. Sat. 14 May at Magic Park

source: Tom Tsamouras


Valentine FC v Edgeworth FC

Cahill Oval

Saturday, May 14, 3pm

After their first win of the year against Weston last weekend, Valentine return home to Cahill Oval for Round 6 of the PlayStation 4 NPL Northern NSW. They will come up against an Edgeworth side that will be keen to avenge their first loss of the season to Hamilton, a 3-2 loss that was a thrilling encounter.

Valentine have started out of the blocks slowly in 2016 as they grabbed just one point from their opening 4 fixtures, but a strong performance against Weston away from home will boost the confidence of the men in orange.

The key for the home side will be Brenton Olzomer, who has been outstanding over the opening two rounds of the competition where he has scored 3 goals in total. Olzomer was back among the goal scorers in Round 5 taking his tally to 4 for the season and there is no doubt he’ll be looking for more against his former club.

Alex Burrell also starred for the Phoenix scoring a goal and helped Valentine keep Weston scoreless for all bar the last kick of the game.

“He was immense for us on the weekend,” Valentine assistant Sam Griffin said, glowing in praise of his centre back.

“That first win of the season was massive for us. We have a tough run now, so coming into some tough matches against Edgeworth, Olympic and Magic, that win showed that we are up to the level of this competition.”

For Edgeworth, the grand final rematch didn’t go as planned on Old Boys Day at Jack McLaughlan Oval as Hamilton crashed their party to take the Round 5 clash 3-2.

Edgeworth coach Damian Zane said that their first loss “was a good lesson in that if you give away goals through errors in the big games, it will cost you.”

Zane’s side started the season outstandingly with 3 wins on the trot before a tough draw with Broadmeadow Magic and now the loss to Olympic.

On the topic of meeting Valentine, Zane said the Phoenix “were very impressive in the FFA Cup and gave Hamilton a run for their money.”

So expect a tough contest on Saturday afternoon.

Key: Can Edgeworth’s defence keep their former teammate Brenton Olzomer quiet?

Adamstown Rosebud FC v Newcastle Jets Youth

Adamstown Oval

Sunday, May 15, 2.30pm

Will the Adamstown’s fortunes turn around in this Round 6 matchup? In just 6 rounds they have had two goalkeepers sent off, as well as midfielder Dane Pawlik. Captain Dan Clements, one of the cornerstones of Graham Law’s young side, as well as Alex Gillespie are both out for the season.

On the injury and suspension situation coach Graham Law was shocked with the outcomes his team has faced already.

“I’ve played for 15 years and coached for 5 years and I can’t recall anything like this.”

“But we’ll be right. Whoever plays on the weekend, I’ve got the trust in them that we can get a result.”

After a 2-0 win over Valentine in Round 3, things looked on the up for the Rosebud, but how things quickly went south. Scott Carter was sent off last in that clash, before Clements was injured in their 2-0 defeat at Charlestown the week after.

Reserve goalkeeper Paul Bitz was then given his marching orders after Adamstown were leading 1-0 against Maitland, which the Magpies quickly piled on the pain, racking up a 6-1 thumping.

They will meet a Jets side struggling at the foot of the ladder after their five completed matches. The Jets Youth have conceded a massive 20 goals across those opening four matches and their defence is a real concern.

Clayton Zane believes that the defence will be a key focus for his side.

“We need to look at our defence and our structure and get back to basics to keep our goal intact. Teams are sitting back against us, and they know our weakness. We just need to improve and get better at dealing with it.”

Adamstown will be without goalkeeper Paul Bitz on Sunday, due to his mandatory one-week suspension for the red card and Jake Hamilton will line up in goals for his 4th first grade appearance in 2016.

Key: Thom Lino and Cameron Joice. With two young sides doing battle, can either of these impressive youngsters inspire their side to a win?

Maitland FC v Lambton Jaffas FC

Cooks Square Park

Sunday May 15, 2.30pm

Both Maitland and Lambton have started the PlayStation 4 NPL Northern NSW season heading in different directions.

For Maitland they were laying just outside the top 4 after their massive 6-1 victory over Adamstown on the weekend, however after last night’s catch up victory over the Jets they have moved to equal second.

Maitland are one of just four sides left in the competition who have not lost a match but coach Steve Piggott believes his side has some improvement left in their attack.

“The only thing that has been frustrating for us is not putting the ball in the back of the net. Last week we did, but one game where we put the ball in the net isn’t enough, we still had 20 or 30 chances in that game and put 6 in. The positive for me is that we can only improve.”

Lambton’s form to start 2016 has been scratchy to say the least. After 3 tough matches to start the season against Edgeworth, Hamilton and Broadmeadow, the Jaffas looked like they had turned a corner after disposing of Valentine 2-0 in round 4. But it wasn’t to be for Lambton as Charlestown took them down 3-1 on the weekend.

After just a little over 5 weeks in charge of the Jaffas, coach James Pascoe believes that the team do well with possession but will need to take risks in attack.

“We just need to put a 90-minute performance in. Our first half against Charlestown was a bit flat and one paced. We controlled the majority of it through possession and then conceded two goals from the counter attack.”

“We were probably a little bit too safe in possession and didn’t take enough risks going forward.”

“One of the big things I have noticed in this seasons competition, compared to 2014 when I coached the Jets Youth team, is the league has become very counter-attacking. Most of the teams we have played have set up to be very compact and counter quickly and at times we haven’t coped with that so well.”

There is no doubt Lambton will need to overcome Maitland’s counter-attacking style if they are to come away with the points on Sunday.

For Maitland Matt Crowell remains on the sideline for 8 more weeks with a hernia injury and Ryan Clarke has been brought in as an injury replacement, but will be unable to play until round 10 due to his suspension. Matt Thompson and Dean Heffernan will be back from illness and suspension respectively in a boost for the Magpies.

Key: Can Lambton’s mix of youth and experience find their mojo against a Maitland side yet to be beaten in 2016?

Charlestown City Blues FC v Weston Workers FC

Lisle Carr Oval

Sunday, May 15, 2.30pm

 Charlestown have shocked many with their unbeaten start the year and a return home to Lisle Carr Oval in Round 6 will be a welcome boost for a side written off as title contenders before the season started.

Charlestown haven’t beaten Weston since 2013, that was a 4-2 win at home, and in 2015 Weston grabbed 6 points from a possible 6 against the Blues with 3-1 and 1-0 victories in what was a disappointing season for Charlestown.

But in 2016, all the running will be with the home side, and they will go into this one as favourites to make it 6 games unbeaten. With the likes of Scott Smith and Rene Ferguson on fire in the goal scoring department and Captain Ben Hughes steadying the ship in the midfield Charlestown have been outstanding. The question is, can they keep it up?

Before Nathan Morris’ penalty in the last kick on the game last Sunday, Weston hadn’t scored in the 390 minutes of football, with Weston’s defence where they have earned their points this year.

To hold Broadmeadow Magic scoreless in Round 2 was nothing short of brilliant for Trevor Morris’ side, given Magic has scored 14 goals in their other 4 matches.

The Bears’ disappointing attack hasn’t been because of a lack of trying though, striker Mick Ryan chipping an early chance against Valentine onto the crossbar, while midfielder Lee Ashton, late in the second half put his shot straight at Beyhan Irmako in the Valentine goal.

When asked about the match against Valentine, Coach Trevor Morris said all the players were “disappointed” in their “effort”.

“The players all knew it, when we spoke at training this week. But, the only way to bounce back is on the football field.”

Morris was excited to play a side who were undefeated and is adamant his side will be right up for what will be a tough match.

Key: Weston will need to keep Rene Ferguson and Scott Smith quiet if they want to claim a vital three points at Lisle Carr Oval.


Soccer Talk with Hamilton Olympic FC on Bar TV


Con Gounis talks to BarTV about the history of HOFC in the lead up to this Sunday’s derby against Broadmeadow Magic at Darling St Oval

BarTV Sports went behind the scenes with Hamilton Olympic FC this week as the team prepares to take on Broadmeadow Magic FC at home this weekend. Take a look at how the proud football club got to where it is today playing in the Northern NSW Football.

source: Tom Tsamouras