NPL Youth: Newcastle Olympic too strong for Adamstown Rosebud

178738241_1582562148609683_7757633591822124050_n (2)

Newcastle Olympic youth were away again to Adamstown Rosebud in Round 7 of the 2021 Northern NSW Youth NPL competition. Apart from a hick-up by our U16s who were held to a 1-1 draw the remaining three teams collected the 3 points without any difficulty.

U13s came away from Adamstown Oval with a resounding 6-0 win, U14s doubled it with a 6-1 win and U15s made it 7 wins in 7 games with a 9-0 victory.

Our attention now focuses to Broadmeadow Magic who will be visiting us at Darling St Oval on Sunday.

NPL Youth:

Adamstown Rosebud vs Newcastle Olympic

Under 16s: drew 1-1

Under 15s: Olympic won 9-0

Under 14s: Olympic won 6-1

Under 13s: Olympic won 6-0


Maitland vs Newcastle Olympic

1st Grade: Olympic won 4-0

Goals: Jemma House 3, Laura Hall

Reserve Grade: Olympic won 6-2

Under 17s: Olympic won 6-1

Under 15s: Olympic won 5-0

Under 13s: Maitland won 2-6

Zone League 1

Olympic vs Barnsley

1st Grade: Olympic won 6-2

Reserve Grade: Olympic won 5-2

3rd Grade: Barnsley won 0-1

Source: Tom Tsamouras

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