Round 10 FNSW Boy’s Youth League2: Newcastle Jets take on Mounties Wanderers FC


U16s Newcastle Jets take on Mounties Wanderers FC in Round 10 of the season at Speers Point on Sunday 24th April. This game marks the completion of 1/3 of the season and the U16s Jets is the ONLY team of any age group that remains on maximum points!

Mounties Wanderers FC have only played 6 matches and have only won one and drawn one. They have lost 4 and are sitting in 15th place on the ladder. Despite this, the scare experienced at Northbridge in Round 9 where the Jets just managed a tough 2-1 win serves as a reminder to never under-estimate opponents.

U18s Newcastle Jets remain 1st on the ladder despite last week’s defeat at Northbridge. Mounties Wanderers are 13th on the ladder having secured just 2 wins all season! Obviously, the Newcastle team are favourites but a lot will depend on player availability and the morale of the team given the events of the past 7 days!

U15s Newcastle Jets continue in 2nd spot on the ladder just 1 point behind league leaders and will be looking for all 3 points from 13th placed Mounties Wanderers! The visitors have only won 1 game, drawn 3 and lost 2.

U14s Newcastle Jets are in 8th spot having won only 3 matches and drawn 2 so far this season. Their counter parts are in 12th position with 2 wins and 4 losses. This is a game the U14s Jets need to win.

U13s Newcastle Jets are cruising in 1st place and should get the 3 points from Mounties Wanderers who are in 13th and have only won 1 and drawn 1 game all season!


Newcastle Jets vs Mounties Wanderers on Sunday 24th  April  at LMRFF Speers Point.

U18s kick off at 3:00pm

U16s kick off at 1:15pm

U15s kick off at 11:40am

U14s kick off at 10:05am

U13s kick off at 8.30am


U16s Round 10 FNSW Boy’s Youth League2 Fixtures:




U16s FNSW Boy’s Youth League2 Table:




FNSW Boy’s Youth League2 Club Championship:

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Source: Tom Tsamouras

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