PS4 NPL NNSW Round 5:Hamilton Olympic kings of the mountain after 3-2 away win at Edgeworth


Hamilton Olympic have climbed to the top of the NPL ladder following an emphatic win at Edgeworth by 3-2 on Friday night.

On a cool night and a perfect playing pitch at Jack McLaughlan Oval, both teams attacked and cancelled each other out in the opening minutes of the game.

No sooner had the game got on the way,  Leo Bertos sent a low cross from the right, both Edgeworth central defenders moved to shut down Kane Goodchild and forgot about Daniel Bird who had enough time to control, pick his spot and bury the ball into the back of the net 1-0.      

The game continued to be free flowing and even with both teams attacking each other but with Olympic’s Rhys Cooper very mobile and dangerous and Kane Goodchild being shut down by two defenders every time he received the ball.

During an Olympic attack, Edgeworth broke quickly and passed to Moriyasu who advanced the ball and despite being shadowed by a defender, unleashed a powerful shot which screamed past Danny Ireland and ended in the Olympic net 1-1!

Both teams continued to attack but a number of strong tackles causes the referee to hand-out a plethora of yellow cards.

5 minutes from half time Danny Ireland clears with a kick that sends the ball to Kane Goodchild who despite being surrounded by four defenders and a goalkeeper, unleashes a thunderous shot to put Olympic back in the lead 2-1.

Half time finds Olympic 2-1 in the lead and neutral fans enjoying a football spectacle by two great teams.

The second half begins with Edgeworth increasing the intensity even further and coming close to an equaliser through two efforts in the first five minutes. Danny Ireland saved Olympic during the first effort while the referee ruled the second to be a goal from an offside position.

Edgeworth are in control in the first 10 minutes and dictate play, desperately trying to get the equaliser. During a sustained period of pressure in which Olympic are chasing shadows, the ball is sent to Bren Hammel on the right who despite being flanked on either side by two Olympic defenders, manages to chip a shot into the net from a very narrow angle 2-2!

After this, instead of Edgeworth continuing with the same momentum, Olympic begin to compose themselves, hold on to the ball and begin to create goal scoring opportunities. During one such move Kane Goodchild attacks from the left and despite being surrounded by three Edgeworth defenders, manages to pass to an unmarked Tommy Spencer inside the box who has no problem making 3-2!

Olympic control the match and are in the hunt for a fourth goal which would put the match beyond Edgeworth while the home team are desperate for an equaliser.

In the last 5 minutes the roles are reversed with Olympic being under the hammer as the home side desperately tries to salvage the game. After two brilliant saves by Danny Ireland during this period, Olympic hold the 3-2 score and secure a great win against a formidable opponent.

Olympic now look forward to welcoming arch rival Broadmeadow Magic to Darling St Oval on Sunday 15th May, 2016 at 2.30 pm.

U19s Edgeworth – Hamilton Olympic 2-0

U22s Edgeworth – Hamilton Olympic 3-1

PS4 NPL NNSW Round 5 Results:

Edgeworth FC  – Hamilton Olympic  2-3

Lambton Jaffas – Charlestown City   1-3

Newcastle Jets – Broadmeadow Magic  1-4

Adamstown Rosebud – Maitland   1-6

Weston Workers –  Valentine   1-2



                                                                          P    W   D  L    F – A           P

1  Hamilton Olympic                               5     4    1   0     13-3           13

2  Broadmeadow Magic                          5     3     2    0    14-5          11

3  Charlestown  City                                5     3     2   0    13-6           11

4  Edgeworth  FC                                     5     3      1   1    11-7           10

5  Maitland FC                                           4     2     2   0    10-4            8

6  Valentine                                                5      0     1   3    4-9               4

7  Adamstown Rosebud                        5     1      0   4    6-18             3

7   Lambton Jaffas                                   5     1      0   4    5-10             3

8    Weston Workers                                5     0      2   3    4-11             2

10   Newcastle Jets Youth                     4     0      1    3   8-16             1



U13 Olympic  –  Emerging Jets 12 Years    2-6

U14 Olympic – Emerging Jets 13 Years    2-2

U17 Olympic Emerging Jets 15 Years    2-1

U15s did not play as the Jet’s team was away in Japan.

source: Tom Tsamouras

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