Hamilton Olympic crush Weston Workers 5-1


Pat Brown hat-trick hero

Hamilton Olympic continued their goal spree in Round 16 of the NPL when they crushed Weston Workers 5-1 at Darling St Oval.

On a warm but windy afternoon, Olympic opened their account within the first five minutes through Pat Brown who intercepted a poor clearance by the Weston goalie, Tim Pratt.

By the 15th minute of play the score was 2-0 care of a solo run by Matthew Swan across the face of the goal.

The contest was over by the 23rd minute when Kane Goodchild received a long ball from Mason Campbell, he rounded Tim Pratt and fired into an empty net to make it 3-0.

Olympic dominated the game for the rest of the half but did not score any more goals.

In the second half Olympic cruised along until Pat Brown received the ball from a flick on and volleyed it past a hapless Tim Pratt for a 4-0 margin.

Pat Brown made it a hat trick when he collected the ball from a flick-on by Kane Goodchild, ran across the face of the Weston goal before unleashing a shot that ended in the back of the net.

No sooner had the celebrations subsided, Weston were able to reply through Gary McDermott, to put some respectability to the scoring.

After this result Olympic maintain 2nd spot on with only two games left.

Edgeworth – South Cardiff 2-0
Adamstown Rosebud – Lambton Jaffas 0-6
Hamilton Olympic – Weston Workers 5-1
Charlestown – Maitland 1-1
Broadmeadow Magic – Newcastle Jets Youth 5-2
1 Edgeworth 36                                                                                                                       2 Hamilton Olympic 33                                                                                                        3 Lambton Jaffas 31                                                                                                              4 Weston Workers 29

5 Broadmeadow Magic 26
6 Adamstown Rosebud 22
7 Newcastle Jets Youth 13
8 Charlestown City 13
9 Maitland 12
10 South Cardiff 9

Newcastle Jets Youth – Edgeworth
Maitland – Lambton Jaffas
Charlestown City – Hamilton Olympic
Weston Workers – Broadmeadow Magic
South Cardiff – Adamstown Rosebud
U22s Hamilton Olympic – Weston 4-1
U19s Hamilton Olympic – Weston 2-1
U17s Weston – Hamilton Olympic 1-0
U15s Weston – Hamilton Olympic 2-1
U14s Weston – Hamilton Olympic 0-0
U13s Weston – Hamilton Olympic 1-2

U13s Olympic – Lake Macquarie City 0-2
U12s Olympic – Maitland 6-1
U11s Olympic – Maitland 4-0
U10s Olympic – Mayfield 0-2
U9s Olympic Blue – South Wallsend 6-2
U9s Olympic White – Seaham Bowthorne 9-1
U8s Olympic – Raymond Terrace 21-0
U8s Olympic – result not supplied
U7s Olympic – Fletcher 4-8
U7s Olympic – New Lambton 7-7
U6s Olympic – New Lambton 3-2
U6s Olympic – result not supplied
Source: Tom Tsamouras

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