Hamilton Olympic thrash Newcastle Jets Youth 7-0

Olympic Jets

Hamilton Olympic recorded its biggest win of the season in Round 15 of the NPL competition with a 7-0 drubbing of Newcastle Jets Youth on a windy afternoon at Darling Street Oval.

Simon Mooney opened proceedings for Olympic in the first minute of play when he floated a perfect free kick from the left, onto the head of Ben Koina, who had no problem planting the ball into the Jet’s net with a great header.

Before fifteen minutes were up, Olympic made it 2-0 when Jacob Bailey buried a rebound after a well taken shot by Pat Brown and a partial save by the Jets goalie.

Olympic are in complete control of the game and look very comfortable on the ball throughout.By the 17th minute Pat Brown floats a great ball from the left onto the head of Kane Goodchild who narrowly misses putting it in the back of the net.

A minute later, the same player intercepts a poor clearance by the goalkeeper but his shot is deflected for a corner by the body of a Jets defender. From the ensuing corner Kane Goodchild volleys a shot over the post!

Olympic are in total control of the match and are threatening the Jets goal with every attack.

By the 26th minute Mathew Swan fires a wonderful volley from outside the box forcing a difficult save by the keeper who finger tips the ball over the bar for a corner. Kane Goodchild does the same a minute later, only to see his shot deflected by the body of a defender.

Ten minutes later Mathew Swan weaves past two defenders and passes out wide to Simon Mooney who curls a shot past the keeper and into the far post to record a 3-0 score-line.

Kane Goodchild adds a fourth in the 41st minute and Olympic go into half time with an emphatic 4-0 score-line and a vintage performance to go with it.
The Newcastle Jets Youth came out firing in the second half and in the first fifteen minutes took control of the game but were unable to create any goal scoring opportunities.

Olympic began to show their intentions in the 56th minute when Kane Goodchild played a through ball to Reece Cooper, who intern beat two defenders and whose shot was bent around the post by a desperate Jets goalkeeper.

In the 69th minute the Jets keeper was caught in possession of the ball from a back pass and an attempted clearance was intercepted by Kane Goodchild who had no difficulty making it 5-0!

A minute later Simon Mooney made it 6-0 with a simple tap-in from a Ben Koina shot and  a rebound from the keeper who was unable to clear the ball.

Two minutes later Simon Mooney is tripped inside the box and the referee awards Olympic a penalty. Kane Goodchild attempts to score a hat-trick but his shot is saved by the keeper, only for Jason Korotkich to get at the end of the rebound and make the score 7-0!

The opportunities continued to fall Olympics way, until the very end but the score remained at 7-0.


Lambton Jaffas – Edgeworth 1-2
Maitland FC – Adamstown Rosebud 0-2
Hamilton Olympic – Newcastle Jets Youth 7-0
Weston Workers – Charlestown City 1-0
South Cardiff – Broadmeadow magic 3-1

1Edgeworth 33                                                                                                                                                2 Hamilton Olympic 30                                                                                                       3 Weston Workers 29                                                                                                            4 Lambton Jaffas 28

5 Broadmeadow Magic 23
6 Adamstown Rosebud 22
7 Newcastle Jets Youth 13
8 Charlestown City 12
9 Maitland 11
10 South Cardiff 9

Edgeworth – South Cardiff
Adamstown Rosebud – Lambton Jaffas
Hamilton Olympic – Weston Workers
Charlestown – Maitland
Broadmeadow Magic – Newcastle Jets Youth

U22s Hamilton Olympic – Newcastle Youth Jets 2-1
U19s Hamilton Olympic – Newcastle Youth Jets 1-3
U17s Hamilton Olympic – Adamstown Rosebud 3-1
U15s Hamilton Olympic – Adamstown Rosebud 5-0
U14s Hamilton Olympic – Adamstown Rosebud 3-8
U13s Hamilton Olympic – Adamstown Rosebud 3-5

U13s Olympic – Charlestown 2-1
U12s Olympic – Valentine 2-2
U11s Olympic – Nelson Bay 0-1
U10s Olympic – Kotara South 2-1
U9s Olympic Blue – Raymond Terrace 8-2
U9s Olympic White – Merwether 6-1
U8s Olympic – Plattsburg 14-1
U8s Olympic – result not supplied
U7s Olympic – Cooks Hill 9-1
U7s Olympic – Merewether 3-9
U6s Olympic – Merewether 1-7
U6s Olympic – Wallsend 12-1

source: Tom Tsamouras

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