Hamilton Olympic on fire at Weston Workers, 3-1


Hamilton Olympic reached the top of the ladder after an emphatic win at Weston Workers this afternoon by 3-1.

Olympic hit the lead after 20 minutes of play through Jacob Bailey but just as they threatened to make it 2-0, Weston Workers managed to equalise just before the break.

Early in the second half Olympic won a penalty but Kane Goodchild was unable to convert the spot kick.

Olympic then piled on the pressure to score two wonderful headers through Kane Goodchild. Despite sustained pressure from Weston towards the later part of the game, Olympic were able to hold on to the score comfortably.

The win is the second away victory of the season and brings the club 1st spot on the table with 15 points.

Hamilton Olympic host bottom of the table  Charlestown City next Sunday at Darling St Oval.
Round 7:
Newcastle Jets Youth – Broadmeadow Magic (washed out)
Lambton Jaffas FC – Adamstown Rosebud 1-1
Maitland FC – Charlestown City 3-0
Weston Workers FC – Hamilton Olympic FC 1-3
South Cardiff – Edgeworth FC  1-3

1 Hamilton Olympic FC           15                                                                                         2 Edgeworth FC                         15
3 Broadmeadow Magic FC      14
4 Weston Workers FC              13

5 Newcastle Jets Youth            10
6 Lambton Jaffas FC                  9
7 Adamstown Rosebud FC        6
8 South Cardiff FC                      5
9 Maitland FC                             4
10 Charlestown City FC            3

Round 8 Fixtures:
2:30 PM/Saturday 30 May:

Adamstown Rosebuds vs South Cardiff
Lambton Jaffas vs Maitland FC
Edgeworth FC vs Newcasyle Jets Youth

2:30 PM/Sunday 31 May:
Hamilton Olympic FC vs Charlestown City
Broadmeadow Magic – Weston Workers

source: Tom Tsamouras

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