U20s Newcastle defeat South Coast Flame 2-0 and make it 8 wins from 8 games


Newcastle U20s defeated South Coast Flame 2-0 on Sunday night at the LMRFF and retained their maximum points record by securing their 8th win in as many matches. The game was a physical encounter in rainy condition which caused six yellow cards amongst the players and even one red produced for a member of the Flame bench.

The first half was a tight affair between two teams that tried to play possession football. Newcastle certainly had some classic opportunities to score with simple tap-ins or shots from point blank positions, but the ball refused to go in. The only goal came from a penalty just before half time when a Newcastle player was tripped inside the box. The ensuing penalty was converted into a goal and the teams went into the break with a 1-0 score-line for the Novocastrians.

The second half continued to be a tight affair with a lot of physical play and yellow cards in very heavy conditions due to the rain. During a corner kick for the Flame, a Wollongong player was judged to have been impeded inside the penalty box despite the ball being floated far above the heads of the players. The ensuing penalty was saved by the Newcastle goalkeeper to the delight of Newcastle spectators.

The Flame pressed the Newcastle players all over the field and it was a cat and mouse game as to who was going to score next. The Flame were either going to equalize or get caught on a counterattack and pay the ultimate price. As it turned out, a well taken corner in the 83′ minute was cleared by the Wollongong goalkeeper after the ball crossed the Flame goal line. The referee awarded the goal and with a 2-0 lead, the Newcastle team had no problem chewing up the few remaining minutes to record their 8th win in as many games!


source: Tom Tsamouras

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