U16s Newcastle Jets defeat St George 3-0 and are 3 games away from winning the Premiership

01 Match Pic

U16s Newcastle Jets recorded another casual victory over St George by 3-0 at The Forum, University Oval 2 on Saturday afternoon and are 3 games away from winning the U16s FNSW Boy’s Youth League 2 Premiership. The Newcastle team were favourites to win this match and dominated the game throughout.

They led 2-0 at the break, added another goal early in the second half and had a plethora of chances to make the score line much higher throughout the match. This was the 6th match in 13 days for the team but judging by the way they were playing, it didn’t give that impression!

On Sunday they play out the wash-out match from Round 20 against Bonnyrigg White Eagles at the same venue and at the same time to complete a 7 game football marathon in 14 days! Given that Bonnyrigg have only won 4 games all season and are placed last on the points table, the Newcastle Jets are favourites to win this match too!

The other great news about Round 28 is that the Jets teams secured 9 points for the Club Championship from a possible 12 and have already moved into 2nd spot on the table despite playing 7 games less than 3rd placed St George City FA. Any points gained on Sunday’s game against Bonnyrigg White Eagles will add to this tally and this in turn will lead to promotion in FNSW Boy’s Youth League 1 next season.


Round 28: Newcastle Jets vs St George on Saturday 27th August at The Forum University No2. Oval Newcastle.

U18s Jets lost 1-0

U16s Jets won 3-0

U15s Jets won 1-0

U14s Jets won 1-0

U13s Jets won 4-3

Round 20: Newcastle Jets vs Bonnyrigg White Eagles on Sunday 28th August at The Forum University No2. Oval Newcastle.

U18s kick off at 3:00pm

U16s kick off at 1:15pm

U15s kick off at 11:40am

U14s kick off at 10:05am

U13s kick off at 8:30am


U16s Round 28 FNSW Boy’s Youth League2 results:

01 results

02 results


U16s FNSW Boy’s Youth League2 Table:

01 tables

02 tables


FNSW Boy’s Youth League2 Club Championship:


02 Club Championship

Newcastle Jets: Angus Martin 35, Giles Harrison 36, Kynan Watkins 37, Caleb Reed 38, Max Cooper 41, Zac Major 42, George Tsamouras 43, Cooper Vimpani 45, Luca West 46, Ethan Lewis 50, Seth Anderson 90 Subs: Pharrell Trainor 39, Reinhard Lloyd 40, Kruze Davidson 44, Noah Miller 55, Jordan Gu 48, Jayden Borgia 82.                                                                                                                                                       
St George FC: Alessio Cencigh 21, Kieran George 23, Nick Michales 25, Reece Mihas 26, Anasta Panteli 29, Dean Petranker 30, Anthony Vitale 32, Andres Mora 34, Jackson Damcevski 36, Alexander Kolovos 45, Cassius Flavell 95, Subs: Ashton Simpson 39, Sotiri Demetriou 41, Georgios Filippakis 42, Adrian Kafetzis 44, Deegan O’Brien-Kratiuk 49, Aidan Stonestreet 52, Jordan Panayi 96                                                         
Cards: Nil

source: Tom Tsamouras

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