U16s Newcastle Jets continue with another routine 3-0 win over Prospect United SC

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U16s Newcastle Jets continued their quest for the Premiership with another routine 3-0 win over Prospect United SC at the LMRFF on Sunday afternoon. Lining up at full strength in their age group for the first time in weeks, it was never going to be easy for the visitors from Sydney.

Kicking long from the back prevented Prospect from experiencing the high press that the Jets usually exert on opponents and using the same tactic themselves prevented the later from exerting their free-flowing passing game. Despite this, the Jets kept Prospect at bay and during crucial moments in the game were able to break through with speedy counter attacking football to be 2-0 up by half time.

In the second half they added another goal that secured the 3 points and all eyes are now on Tuesday evening’s clash with Central Coast United at Gosford.

Wins by the u13s, u14s, u18s and a draw by u15s also secured 10 points from a possible 12 for the club championship which keeps us in the race for promotion to FNSW Boy’s Youth League 1.


Round 26:Newcastle Jets vs Prospect Utd on Sunday 14th August at LMRFF Speers Point.

U18s Jets won 2-1

U16s Jets won 3-0

U15s Jets drew 0-0

U14s Jets won 6-0

U13s Jets won 7-3


U16s Round 26 FNSW Boy’s Youth League2 Results:

01 results

02 Results


U16s FNSW Boy’s Youth League2 Table:

01 U16s Table

02 U16s Table

N.B. FNSW has not updated Newcastle Jet’s Sunday results. The correct rank is Newcastle Jets 2nd with 22 games, 17 wins, 4 draws and 1 loss – 61 Goals 15 conceded and 55 points.


FNSW Boy’s Youth League2 Club Championship:

01 Club Championship

02 Club Championship

N.B. FNSW has not updated Newcastle Jet’s Sunday results. The correct rank is Newcastle Jets 3rd with 88 games and 187 points.

Newcastle Jets: Giles Harrison 36, Caleb Reed 38, Pharrell Trainor 39, Reinhard Lloyd 40, Max Cooper 41, Zac Major 42, George Tsamouras 43, Cooper Vimpani 45, Jordan Gu 48, Ethan Lewis 50, Seth Anderson 90 Subs: Angus Martin 35, Kynan Watkins 37, Kruze Davidson 44, Will Dobson 59, Jayden Borgia 82                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Prospect United SC: Nicholas Tsakos 21, Jack Zerafa 23, Alexander Korzenuiowski 26, Akito Koek 28, Nathan Clark 32, Thomas Osborne 34, Christian Kim 35, Eric Gardner 37, Oliver Wong 38, Christian Bangel 39, Jeremiah Cleur 95 Subs: Easa Taha 1, Angelo Rodi 25, Exson Dominguez 27, Luca Terranova 36, Peter Bjazevic 53, Anushan Rajaratnam 54, Bailey De Beus 56
Cards: Nil

source: Tom Tsamouras

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