U16s Newcastle Jets defeat U18s Mounties Wanderers 1-0


U16s Newcastle Jets defeated U18s Mounties Wanderers at Cook Park Mt Prichard on Saturday afternoon by 1-0. Following the policy of “playing up” at this time of the year only one u18s outfield player and the goalkeeper were from the Jets u18s squad. All remaining players were from the u16s squad and one from the u15s!

Both teams played out an intensive game which would have been better if the surface of Cook Park was in better condition. Perhaps for the first time this year u16s Jets found themselves up against a physically strong and fast opponent, due to the age difference, that contested every ball and pressed all over the field.

The game was evenly matched and with the intensity in which it was played resulting in the referee correctly handing out 3 yellow cards to Mounties and 2 to the Jets players. There were some outstanding shots on goal which were matched by outstanding saves by both sides.

Controversy struck when the Mounties team scored a goal which the Newcastle Jets players protested as offside and pointed at the linesman. Initially the referee awarded the goal and at the first break in play after the kick off, after consulting the linesman, awarded an offside!

This aroused the emotions of the Mounties bench which resulted in a number of yellow cards being shown by the referee. Emotions were also running high off the field resulting in the referee to stop the game on several occasions and warning the Mounties bench that unless they put a stop at the comments directed at the referee and linesmen, the match would be abandoned.

In the midst of all this, the players continued and with approximately 15 minutes from the end, a well worked move by the Jets players resulted in the winning goal scored.

The U15s players who made up the majority of the U16s squad managed to win 2-0 despite being placed under a lot of pressure in the second half. U15s squad also came away with the 3 points but the U14s were edged out by 2-1. The U13s had a great day scoring 8-1.


Round 25: Mounties Wanderers FC vs Newcastle Jets on Saturday 6th August at Cook Park (Mt Prichard).

U18s Jets won 1-0

U16s Jets won 2-0

U15s Jets won 2-0

U14s Jets lost 2-1

U13s Jets won 8-1


U16s Round 25 FNSW Boy’s Youth League2 results:

01 results

02 resutls



U16s FNSW Boy’s Youth League2 Table:

u16 Table 01

u16s Table 02


FNSW Boy’s Youth League2 Club Championship:

Club Championship

Mounties Wanderers FC: Bayden Irwin-D’Amico 1, Matthaus Klaus 2, Sebastian Duarte 5, Juan Gobbi 7, Rayan Djakovic 8, Jeremiah Dawo 9, Brayden Mcpherson 10, Nabeel Afazal 11, George Yousif 12, Antonio Glavan 17, Jed Simmons 18,  Subs: Andre Galea 3, Anthony Rodi 15, Abdullah Muazee 16, Callum Williams-Paroli 21,  


Newcastle Jets: Adriatik Haxhnikaj 24, Sam Esquilant 34, Angus Martin 35,  Giles Harrison 36, Kynan Watkins 37, Caleb Reed 38, Pharrell Trainor 39, Zac Major 42, George Tsamouras 43, Cooper Vimpani 45, Jordan Gu 48, Subs: Reinhard Lloyd 40, Max Cooper 41, Ethan Lewis 50, Will Dobson 59, Seth Anderson 90   
Cards: 24’ Jeremiah Dawo (yellow) 37’ Brayden Mcpherson (yellow), 51’ Juan Gobbi – 26’ Kynan Watkins (yellow), Pharrell Trainor (yellow)


source: Tom Tsamouras




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