U16s Newcastle Jets take on St George City FA at Speers Point


After two washout matches the u16s Newcastle Jets return to action this Sunday at Speers Point against lowly placed St George City FA. The result in Sydney earlier in the year was an emphatic 5-1 mauling by the Jets who remain in 1st place on the ladder. St George are in 13th spot having lost 12 games and scored only 17 goals all season! Despite this, the Newcastle Jets have not played a game in over two weeks! Also, a cloud has emerged with how many players will be forced to play up on the weekend in higher age groups to cover absences. Although on paper the Jets appear to be clear favourites, it could be an interesting afternoon when considering the other two factors.

U18s Newcastle Jets will have their work cut out on Sunday as they will be facing a St George City FA outfit who as a result of playing two more games than the Jets, are in 1st place on the ladder on 41 points! If the Jets win their two games in hand, they can come to within a point of St George and if they win on Sunday, they will reclaim their position on the throne of the u18s table. Earlier in the year the u18s Jets came away with a 3-1 victory in Sydney. Again, the inactivity for two weeks plus the possibility of U18s Jets players being required to play up in older age groups could compromise their chances for the 3 points.

U15s Newcastle Jets also have their work cut out for them on Sunday afternoon at Speers Point. Beaten 1-0 in the last minute of the game in Sydney by their rivals earlier in the year, the Jets are in 2nd spot 11 points behind St George City who are 1st. With a win in the two games in hand and on Sunday, u15s could come as close as 2 points from first spot! Plenty to play for but as with all the other Jets teams, the inactivity over the past two weeks as well as the possibility of players having to play up, makes this game very difficult.

U14s Newcastle Jets are in 7th place on the ladder and need revenge for their 3-0 loss in Sydney earlier this year! With wins in their two games in hand plus a win on Sunday, they could come within 4 points of the league leaders. Plenty to play for but again the two week inactivity and the possibility of players having to play up could affect their chances.

U13s Newcastle Jets are in 3rd spot with 3 games in hand from league leaders NWS Spirit who are only 5 points in front. A win by the u13s on Sunday will bring them to within 2 points and with 3 games in hand, they will be able to reclaim their throne in 1st spot.

In the Club Championship, the Newcastle Jets have slipped into 3rd spot because of the 12 games missed over the past two weeks due to wash-outs. Only two teams get promoted into FNSW Boys’ Youth League One and there are three candidates all year, St George City FA, Hills United and Newcastle Jets. Wins against our rivals this weekend will not only help individual teams in their respective age group table but also assist the Club collectively in cementing one of the two positions that lead to promotion.


Round 22: Newcastle Jets vs St George City FA  on Sunday 17th July at Speers Point.

U18s kick off at 3:00pm

U16s kick off at 1:15pm

U15s kick off at 11:40am

U14s kick off at 10:05am

U13s kick off at 8.30am


U16s Round 22 FNSW Boy’s Youth League2 Fixtures:

03 U16s Fictures

04 U16s Fixtures


U16s FNSW Boy’s Youth League2 Table:

01 U16s Table

02 U16s Table


FNSW Boy’s Youth League2 Club Championship:



source: Tom Tsamouras

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