Round 9 FNSW Boy’s Youth League2: U 16s Newcastle Jets are away to Northbridge Bulls FC

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U16s Newcastle Jets will travel to Northbridge Bulls FC to complete Round 9 of the 2022 season and will be chasing their 9th consecutive win in as many games!

With just over ¼ of the season played, and sitting on maximum points, there is no doubt that the U16s Newcastle Jets are amongst the favourites to finish top of the table. The question that remains between now and the end of the season is if they can maintain the high standards they have set for themselves until the end! The Jets are obviously favourites to take the 3 points sitting in 1st place on 24 points, while Northbridge are in 5th spot with 12 points from 4 wins and 4 losses.

U18s Newcastle Jets are in a similar position as they too are in 1st place on the table with 19 points compared to 7th placed Northbridge on 10 points! On paper they look favourites for the 3 points of this match.

U15s Newcastle Jets are only 1 point behind 1st spot and will be eager as their other two counter-parts to collect the 3 points from Northbridge who sit in 6th place on 10 points.

U14s Newcastle Jets are in 7th place having won 3, lost 3 and had 2 games end in draws. They will have their work cut out for them against Northbridge who are in 4th spot 3 points above them.

Finally U13s Newcastle Jets look like favourites to collect the 3 points sitting 1 point behind the league leaders and 9 points behind 8th placed Northbridge!

On the Club Championship Table, Newcastle Jets are in 1st place and favourites to stay their 9 points ahead of their nearest rival.

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Northbridge Bulls FC vs Newcastle Jets vs on Saturday 16th April  at Northbridge Oval Main.

U18s kick off at 3:00pm

U16s kick off at 1:15pm

U15s kick off at 11:40am

U14s kick off at 10:05am

U13s kick off at 8.30am

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U16s Round 9 FNSW Boy’s Youth League2 Fixtures:

U16s Table No1

U16s Table No2

277746004_780320786705847_6209391711108878026_n (4)

U16s FNSW Boy’s Youth League2 Table:

U16s Table

277786614_784925896245336_4681526962171982425_n (2)

FNSW Boy’s Youth League2 Club Championship:


source: Tom Tsamouras

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