NPL Youth: Newcastle Olympic a touch too strong for North Coast

North Coast Olympic

Newcastle Olympic youth teams were all victorious today in Round 10 of the NPL Youth competition in Coffs Harbour. All four age groups recorded convincing wins in the most distant venue of the NPL competition. Apart from congratulations to all the players and coaches a big pat on the back deserves to go to all the parents and guardians for the kilometres covered over the past two days for this to all take place!

NPL Youth:

North Coast vs Newcastle Olympic

Under 16s Olympic won 6-2

Under 15s Olympic won 7-1

Under 14s Olympic won 10-0

Under 13s Olympic won 4-0

NPL Seniors:

Newcastle Olympic vs Weston Bears FC

1st Grade drew 2-2

Goal scorers: Jed Hornery, Ryan Griffiths

Reserve Grade Olympic won 5-1

Under 18s drew 1-1


Warners Bay vs Newcastle Olympic

1st Grade Olympic won 2-1

Goal scorers: Georgia Amess, Jade McAtamney

Reserve Grade Warners Bay won 1-2

Under 17s Olympic won 2-0

Under 15s Olympic won 8-0

Under 13s Olympic won 4-1

Zone League 1:

Newcastle Olympic vs New Lambton

1st Grade Olympic won 6-2

Reserve Grade New Lambton won 0-2

3rd Grade New Lambton won 1-2

Source: Tom Tsamouras

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