2020 Newcastle Olympic FC NPL & WPL Award Winners

Newcastle Olympic FC would like to announce the Annual 2020 Award recipients for our WPL Women’s, Youth Boys NPL, and NPL Mens.

In what was the most disrupted and unusual year of football, the club had overall an outstanding year. We look forward to the 2021 Football season, with hopefully a full return to and fingers crossed, we can get back to a “normal season.”

2020 WPL- 14s: Player of the Year-                             Sienna Williams 

2020 WPL- 17s: Player of the Year-                             Meliah Baker 


2020 WPL- Reserve Grade: Player of the Year-           Zoe Burnley 

2020 WPL- Golden Boot: Reserve Grade-                   Sophie McDonald 19 goals


2020 WPL- 1st Grade: Player of the Year-                    Keely Gawthrop

2020 WPL- Golden Boot:  1st Grade-                            Jemma House 33 goals


2020 Youth   13s: Player of the Year-                            Callum Hewitt

2020 Youth   14s: Player of the Year-                            Seth Anderson

2020 Youth   15s: Player of the Year-                            Wil Southcombe

2020 Youth   16s: Player of the Year-                            Kobe Park


2020 NPL 18s: Player of the Year-                                Andrew Paksec

2020 NPL 18s: Golden Boot:                                         Hayden Ungaro 18 goals


2020 NPL Reserve Grade:  Player of the Year-             Elijah Harrison

2020 NPL Reserve Grade:  Golden Boot:                      Aleks Stojanovski 5 goals


2020 NPL 1st Grade- Player of the Year- (Mat Austin Award)

Tied Result- Joint Winners                           Kent Harrison and Jared Muller

2020 NPL 1st Grade: Golden Boot-                                    Jared Muller 7 goals


2020 NPL Most Improved Footballer Award                               Tim Stewart


2020 Club Person of the Year (Outstanding Service to the Club)   Reece Fellas          

2020 Jim Papas Perpetual Award (Dedication and Service to the Club)                                                                                                                                         Paul Devitis

2020 Bruce Morrow Award- (Rising Star Award)                         Jakob Cresnar

source: Tom Tsamouras


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