2021 U13s WPL and U13s Youth NPL Squads

Newcastle Olympic FC would like to announce over the coming days our 2021 Squads for our WPL Girls teams, and our Youth NPL Boys teams.

We warmly welcome all new players and family members to the Olympic family and trust that your time at the Club is enjoyable and productive. To those that have been with us before, welcome back!

Congratulations to our Girls U 13 WPL and Boys Under 13 Youth NPL team.


Under 13 WPL Girls 2021

Tonaya Brown
Sian Chan
Ruby Field
Chloe Kyte
Angelina Martinelli
Olivia Oto
Lauren Pearce
Elodie Playdon
Skyla Poole
Zara Shaw
Milla Smith
Ruby Stephens
Lorenna Thomas
Sarah Wark
Macey Wood


Under 13 Boys Youth NPL

Will Gent

Christopher Coleman

Taj Reed

Alexander Wallwork

Sebastian Thomas

Eden Purcell

Felix Dos- Santos

Jet Gossner

Cooper Hilton

Isaac Scott

Louis Devine

Phoenix Pobje

Cooper Knight

Brodie White

Max Battle

source: Tom Tsamouras


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