2021 Newcastle Olympic Junior Development League U9s and U10s

NOFC would like to announce over the coming days our 2021 Squads for our Junior Development League ( formally the SAP programme)

We warmly welcome all new players and family members to the Olympic family and trust that your time at the Club is enjoyable and productive. To those that have been with us before, welcome back!

NOFC would like to announce our Under 9 JDL and Under 10 JDL ( formerly SAP) Squads for 2021.

Congratulations to the following boys:

Under 9 Boys JDL 2021

            Emile Anforth

             Hudson Blakey

            Jonny Butcher

            Mikel Buxton

            Bronx Dillinger

             Archie Doyle

            Isaac Georgalis

            Bailey Hodgson

            William Kembrey

            Kaito Lang

            Saxon Logan

            Elliot Monkhouse

            Ryder Partlic

            Angus Playdon

            Arianos Tsiaousis

            Saxon Tanchevski

            Slater Tate           

            Kai Watson

            Felix Pasvolsky

            Patrick Mahony

Coaches-  Shane Blakey, Shane Brollo and Evan Buxton

Under 10 Boys JDL 2021

Mackenzie Avery

Ari Bartrop

Orlando Bennett

Louis Berry

Matthew Cahill

Max Bigelow

Henry Clarke

Lucas Butcher

Braxton Dimis

Diego Guerra

Jordy Hawke

Kai Hodgson

Jude Lewis

Cohen Capriotti

Will Miller

Sammah Ndakaza

Charlie Rogers

Harry Sampaklis

Tenzin Shakya

Tenzin Lhundup

Coaches- David Hodgson, Lee Bennett, Matt Hawke, Mick Dimis

source: Tom Tsamouras

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