Newcastle Olympic dominated all matches in NPL and WPL over the weekend winning 11 from 11 games

On Sunday 13th September Newcastle Olympic contested Round 10 with Maitland FC at Cook square Park, and won both in reserves and first grade!

First Grade won 1-0
Goal: Jared Muller

Reserve Grade won 2-0

On Saturday 12th September
U18s Newcastle Olympic defeated Weston 2-0 at Darling St Oval

On Sunday 13th September Newcastle Olympic took on Thornton Redbacks in Round 12 of the competition at Darling St Oval and won in every age group!

First Grade won 6-0
Goals: Jemma House 3, Jacinta Johnston, Tulia Palozzi, Laura Hall

Reserve Grade won 13-0
U17s won 3-0
U14s won 6-1

On Saturday 12th September Newcastle Olympic NPL Youth teams returned to Darling St Oval in Round 13 of the competition against Maitland and won all age groups in style.

U16s won 7-1
U15s won 9-0
U14s won 8-0
U13s won 4-0

Newcastle Olympic zone teams took on Garden Suburbs in Round 11 on Sunday 13th September at Lance York Oval.

First Grade won 4-1
Reserve Grade lost 2-1

Over 35s:
Newcastle Olympic O35s took on Wallsend in Round 11 of the competition at Wallsend 2 on Friday 11th September and won 5-2.


U9s, 10s, and 11s SAP teams played at Darling St and LMRFF over the weekend against Lake Macquarie, Weston, Macquarie Girls and HV Girls and played very well.

U12s NET played at Islington Park against Mayfield Junior and were beaten 3-0.

Community Juniors:
Newcastle Community juniors played Round 11 of the season on Saturday 12th September at Darling St Oval against Mayfield Junior, and Cooks Hill and achieved great success.

source: Tom Tsamouras


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