NNSW Football CEO Update

Wednesday 13May 2020

As many of you will have heard this week, the New South Wales Premier announced some social-distancing restrictions will be eased from Friday, 15 May 2020.

We appreciate this has, and will, continue to raise questions and expectations in relation to the long-awaited resumption of Football.

In response to the Premier’s announcement, the NSW Office of Sport is finalising an overarching framework which will guide the resumption of community sport throughout NSW. State Sporting Organisations have been informed that the framework will be distributed to sports when the current Public Health Order (PHO) is lifted.

NNSWF has been preparing for the lifting of the PHO and the resumption of community sport by drafting football specific guidelines which will clearly outline how clubs in the first instance, resume training. The Return to Training Guidelines need to be assessed against the Office of Sport Framework in the first instance to ensure that Football is compliant.

The anticipated lifting of the PHO in NSW and similar action in other States and territories prompted FFA to transition the authority to lift the suspension of all football activity to the Member Federations. The FFA Circular is available here.

NNSWF is committed to lifting the suspension and allowing clubs to return to training as soon as possible. Before this can occur the guidelines need to be approved by the relevant government authority and the Board of Directors needs to have every confidence that Management has taken reasonable steps to ensure that zones, clubs, coaches and players and parents are aware of the guidelines and have the capacity to comply fully. NNSWF has a responsibility to ensure the health and safety of participants and the broader community. Rushing the resumption of training without adequate consideration and education may impede the resumption of competitive football in the coming months.

It is important that clubs note that all football activity remains suspended until further notice. Clubs are also reminded that some Local Government Authorities (LGA’s) and Crown Lands closed local sporting facilities in response to the pandemic. If this is the case in your area, please liaise with your Member Zone to ensure fields have been reopened in readiness for the lifting of the current suspension.

Please remain patient, we assure you we will update you as soon as we have any further information.

Source: Tom Tsamouras

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