Associate Sponsor: Air Extreme Air Conditioning

Continuing on with our valued ASSOCIATE SPONSORS, NOFC appreciate the support that these business/ companies give our sporting organisation, playing a crucial role in enabling the Club to continue to participate in Senior NPL, Youth NPL, SAP, NET and Newcastle Football competitions, and for the first time in 2020, in the local Women’s Premier League competition.
Their assistance plays a fundamental role in continually upgrading our facilities at Darling Street Oval.
If you can support ANY of these Sponsors, the Club would be most appreciative.


We offer preventative maintenance, air conditioning repair, and air conditioning cleaning for our Residential clients. Contact Air Extreme in Newcastle today. We guarantee prompt, reliable, professional service. Our rates are competitive, and you’ll be met with the best services in the industry.
In addition to providing you quality equipment, we also provide design and consultation services as well. Our technicians ensure quality work each time. So no matter what your project is, we can assist with office build outs, computer rooms, new office layouts, and much more.


Air Extreme Air Conditioning is proud to have a team of highly qualified Domestic, Commercial and Service Air conditioning technicians. Air Extreme Technicians are all highly qualified and have many years’ experience as well as up to date Training in Air Conditioning Installation, Preventative Maintenance and breakdown.


Air Extreme Air conditioning prides themselves on producing quality tradesmen from their Apprentices by spending quality time teaching and ensuring that they are understanding what they are learning from both on the job experience and in the classroom at TAFE.

Our ongoing focus is to always ensure complete customer satisfaction.
As a market leader in the air conditioning industry, thanks to our qualified air conditioning installers and mechanics, Air Extreme is often the choice of the trade – and there is no better compliment than when your own industry turns to you for your experience, expertise and advice.

25 Metro Court
Gateshead, NSW, 2290
Phone: (02) 4920 6557

source: Tom Tsamouras

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