Associate Sponsor: GWH


Continuing on with our valued ASSOCIATE SPONSORS, NOFC appreciate the support that these business/ companies give our sporting organisation, playing a crucial role in enabling the Club to continue to participate in Senior NPL, Youth NPL, SAP, NET and Newcastle Football competitions, and for the first time in 2020, in the local Women’s Premier League competition.
Their assistance plays a fundamental role in continually upgrading our facilities at Darling Street Oval.
If you can support ANY of these Sponsors, the Club would be most appreciative.


Our Mission
GWH was founded with a genuine ambition: to empower and enable you to invest, own, live and work in the types of property you could only have imagined.

Our mission is to move you forward in business and life by proving it’s possible to prosper in property.

Our Story

GWH is an independent commercial, industrial and residential property builder and developer located in Newcastle NSW.

We’re the local experts with more than 20 years of proud history building up residents, homeowners and business owners in our extensive neighbourhood.

Managing Director Jonathan Craig will look after all your requirements, with his varied and wide experience in all types of commercial, industrial and residential development.

Making things possible

In today’s unpredictable world, we take time to understand the reality of what’s happening in our region at a personal and professional level. By doing so, we uncover the best ways to support you in building wealth while optimising your lifestyle.

From owning an apartment in Newcastle’s tallest tower or completing your next retail store, to enabling you to grow your business in your own industrial space – we pride ourselves on making things possible.

With over $1 billion of completed projects and more than 350 happy clients, we look forward to continuing to build for life and moving people and businesses forward.

02 4966 3766
770 Hunter Street
Newcastle West NSW 2303

PO Box 2189
NSW 2309

40 Glenwood Drive
Thornton NSW 2322

PO Box 3081
NSW 2322

source: Tom Tsamouras

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