We at Newcastle Olympic Football Club are most fortunate to have many VALUED SPONSORS who play a pivotal role in enabling the Club to continue to participate in Senior NPL, Youth NPL, SAP, NET and Newcastle Football competitions, and for the first time, in the local Women’s Premier League competition.

Their assistance plays a fundamental role in continually upgrading our facilities at Darling Street Oval. This year, we also welcome on board a number of new Sponsors.

Over the next couple of weeks or so, the club would like to acknowledge the MAJOR SPONSORS involved with the club.

If you can support ANY of these Sponsors, the Club would be most appreciative.

Our mission is supporting the people whom work in our client organisation, to understand and commit to their contribution in their journey towards zero harm to their people.

Prosmiden Associates is a member of EDF International, a network of former partners and directors of EDN. Since coming together in 1996, these partners of EDN have developed, and continue to deliver a strong track record in helping organisations improve safety performance.

Prosmiden Associates now continues with the capability of its people to provide specialist consulting services in cultural and leadership change management processes to improve Health Safety & Environmental ( HSE) outcomes for organisations operating in high risk areas.

For further information, please contact Christo Patsan on M 0417090800

source: Tom Tsamouras

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