2020 MAJOR CLUB SPONSOR:Politis Investment Strategies


Our long-term Major Sponsor, Greg Politis and his friendly staff are there to advice on all your financial needs.

Politis Investment Strategies was established in 1999 with the intention of providing premium Financial Planning and Investment solutions to high net worth individuals and self-funded retirees.

Our company operates under its own Australian Financial Services License and has a growing network of Financial Planners throughout Australia offering financial planning, investment management and account administration services.

Over the years demand for our service has continued to grow. Throughout this period, we have invested in technology, systems and staff, ensuring that our clients continue to benefit from a premium offering in the marketplace.

We are committed to excellence, partnering with our clients to secure the achievement of their financial goals based on the cornerstones of our organisation, Integrity, Knowledge, Excellence and Success.

We at Newcastle Olympic Football Club are most fortunate to have many VALUED SPONSORS who play a pivotal role in enabling the Club to continue to participate in Senior NPL, Youth NPL, SAP, NET and Newcastle Football competitions, and for the first time, in the local Women’s Premier League competition. Their assistance plays a fundamental role in continually upgrading our facilities at Darling Street Oval. This year, we also welcome on board a number of new Sponsors.

Over the next couple of weeks or so, the club would like to acknowledge the MAJOR SPONSORS  involved with the club.

If you can support ANY of these Sponsors, the Club would be most appreciative.

source: Tom Tsamouras


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