WPL: Newcastle Olympic make their historic first appearance at Darling St Oval on Sunday against Merewether


After a great win away at Mid Coast in Taree in Round 1 of the Herald Women’s Premier League competition last week, Newcastle Olympic take on Merewether at Darling St Oval. This will be a historic day for the club because all four WPL teams will be playing at home for the first time! It is a great opportunity for the entire Newcastle Olympic community to come out, watch and cheer on our players for the first time on home soil.

On Saturday our Youth NPL teams travel to Cooks Square Park in Maitland in Round 2 of the Youth NPL competition. After being washed out in Round 1 last week, the boys will be eager to begin the season on a winning start.

Herald Women’s Premier League:

Newcastle Olympic vs Merewether on Sunday 15th March at Darling St Oval, Hamilton

1st Grade kick off at 3.00pm

Reserve Grade kick off at 1.00pm

U17s kick off at 11.15am

U14s kick off at 9.45am


Youth NPL:

Maitland vs Newcastle Olympic on Saturday 14th March at Cooks Square Park, Maitland

U16s kick off at 3.00pm

U15s kick off at 1.20pm

U14s kick off at 11.40am

U13s kick off at 10.00am

U12s NET:

Newcastle Olympic vs Kahibah on Monday 16th March at Harold Knight Oval, Gateshead

Kick off at 6.30pm

U9s, U10s, U11s SAP:

Lake Macquarie vs Newcastle Olympic at LMRFF on Sunday 15th March

U11s kick off at 4.20pm

Valentine vs Newcastle Olympic at LMRFF on Saturday 14th March

U10s kick off at 9.10

U9s kick off at 9.10

Source: Tom Tsamouras


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