Trial Games: Newcastle Olympic NPL Youth enjoy a great hit out against Cook Hill

86490879_2997122290401828_4682625417729802240_n (2)

Newcastle Olympic NPL Youth teams enjoyed a great hit out against Cooks Hill this afternoon. Playing an age group up, these trial games were of great benefit to Olympic as well as Cooks Hill players.


11.30am   Olympic u12s vs Cooks Hill u13s  3-0

12.45pm   Olympic u13s vs Cooks Hill u14s  2-0

2.00pm   Olympic u14s vs Cooks Hill u15s    3-1

3.15pm   Olympic u15s vs Cooks Hill u16s    2-0

4.45pm   Olympic u16s vs Cooks Hill u18s    5-0

source: Tom Tsamouras

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