Newcastle Olympic 2020 Senior NPL squad



Kyle Hodges

Jed Honery

Rhys Cooper

Cody Lucas

Jake McGuinness

Tom Stewart

Reece Papadimitrios

Dino Fajkovic

Anthony Marenghi

Kane Treble

Tom Curran

Kane Runge

Marcus Duncan

Reece Pettit

Jezz Murray

Kent Harrison

Shinichi Kawachi

Blake Green

Kyle Theacos

Joseph Temperley

Corey Edwards

Tim Stewart

Jarrod Muller

Jakob Cresnar

Connor Henderson

Matthew Daley

Elijah Harrison

Bailey Blumel

Bodhi Deamer

Daniel Ball-Mckinnon

Kye Fauchon

Sam Robson

Steven Theacos

Vincent Unie

Head Coach 1st Grade: Peter McGuinness, Assist. Coaches: Glen Chapman, Greg Smith, Manager: Brett Tyrell.

Reserve Grade Coaches: Daniel Dawkins, Paul Devitis, Manager: Kon Tantos.

Goalkeeper Coach: Ben Boyd

source: Tom Tsamouras

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