NNSW NPL Youth Finals series: Updated kick off times


Youth NPL semi-finals

Saturday 31/8/2019   15 Years  Hamilton Olympic vs Broadmeadow Magic at Adamstown Oval 12.20pm kick off

Saturday 31/8/2019   16 Years  Hamilton Olympic vs North Coast Football  at Macquarie Fields 2.30pm kick off

Saturday 31/8/2019   13 Years  Hamilton Olympic vs Broadmeadow Magic at Macquarie Fields 5.50pm kick off

Saturday 31/8/2019   14 Years  Hamilton Olympic vs Newcastle Jets Academy at Macquarie Fields 7.30pm kick off


Should Macquarie Field be deemed unplayable, matches will be moved to LMRFF with as close to the same kick off time as possible.

Should there be any issue with the North Coast Football match at Adamstown Oval, the match will move to LMRFF later in the day, in consultation with the club involved.

Should any games not involving NCF be postponed due to weather, these matches will be played on Tuesday and Wednesday night with venues TBA.

source: Tom Tsamouras



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