The coaching staff at Hamilton Olympic for 2019 is again characterised by stability. There are very few changes in the line-up of coaches taking on the task of leading our NPL, NET, and SAP teams.

The most notable feature of the HOFC coaching staff is that most are current or former players of the club, all of whom enjoyed great success in their playing careers with the club, and all of whom are fully accredited with the required FFA coaching qualifications:

Current Senior player Tom Suters is again coaching one of our SAP teams, as is last season’s Senior Assistant & 20s Coach, Greg Asquith.

Former players Doug West, Blair Newham, Payton Tagaroulias, Reece Fellas, Harry James, Barry Park, Luke McGuinness, Pete Dimis, and Evan Buxton are all set to take coaching roles in our NPL Youth, NET, and SAP programs.

The club’s Assistant Technical Director, George Fellas, is returning to the coaching fold to assist Phil Hallett in the NPL youth.

Of course, this coaching profile is also reflected in the senior ranks where former premiership player and Head Coach, Peter McGuinnness, will be assisted by former premiership coach, Greg Smith. Former players Paul DeVitis, Daniel Dawkins, and Nick Patsan, also take on senior coaching roles.

source: Jim Pappas



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