Hamilton Olympic 2019 Under 14 NPL Youth Squad

Hamilton Olympic FC completed their Youth NPL trials for 2019 last week. Congratulation to the boys below who were selected in our Under 14 YOUTH team.

The club wish the team all the best for the upcoming season. With the calibre of the boys selected, the club are looking forward to the team having a successful 2019 season.


Jack Knowles    

Matthew Novak              

Remi Flood         

Jettson Hunt     

Oscar Cathcart 

Dylan Christoffersen      

Sam Jackson     

Cohen Bartrop 

Lachlan Graham

Byron Bennett  

Wil Southcombe              

Cale Conserdyne             

Mitchell Connors              l

Shiwa Dul                           

Jack Murphy     

Aswin Gurung  

Source: Con Gounis



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