Hamilton Olympic FC SENIOR COACHING STAFF- 2019

Head Coach, Peter McGuinness would like to announce his Senior Coaching Staff for the upcoming season, 2019:

  • Under 20s Coach- Daniel Dawkins. Daniel is an ex- Olympic Senior player, who moved back to Newcastle a couple of years ago following a teaching transfer to a local High School. Whilst in Sydney, he played and coached there.  Daniel was a coach of our Under 18s for the last two years, and his calm demeanor and knowledge of the game will continue to be a great asset which is in line with the club policy of nurturing and developing our younger footballers.
  • Under 18 Coach- Paul Devitis. Another ex- Olympic Senior player,  Paul has developed a great reputation over the last few years in working with emerging talented footballers. He will again be in charge of our under 18 Squad for the upcoming season.
  • Football Manager- Greg Smith. The club are excited to have our longest serving ex- Coach, Greg Smith, back involved with the club. Greg was Olympic’s Head Coach for  a decade, from 1996 until the season 2005. During that time, we were Major Premiers in 4 successive years, from 1998 until 2001. Greg also coached Peter for a number of those years. Greg will be an adviser and mentor to all things football, bringing with him a wide knowledge of our sport.   Welcome back, Greg!!

Finally, our Under 20s coach of the last three years, Greg Asquith will be stepping back in his role at the club, due to work commitments. Greg fortunately won’t totally be lost to the club, as he will coach one of our Under 9 SAP teams.

source: Con Gounis


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