Hamilton Olympic take on Lake Macquarie at Speers Point Park


NPL Seniors Olympic play Lake Macquarie away at Speer Point Park, Saturday Evening.

1st Grade kick off 6.30pm
Under 20s kick off 4.45pm
Under 18s kick off 3.00pm

NPL Youth Olympic play Lambton Jaffas at Darling St Oval, This TUESDAY 21 February.

Under 16s kick off 7.45pm
Under 15s kick off 6.30pm
Under 14s kick off 5.15pm
Under 13s kick off 5.15pm

Olympic’s NET teams start their pre season on Sunday against New Lambton at Wallarah Oval

Under 12s kick off 2.30pm
Under 11s kick off 12.00pm
Under 10s kick off 10.00am

Olympic’s Zone League 2 team also start their per season on Sunday against Garden Suburbs away.

1st Grade kick off 5.00pm
2nd Grade kick off 3.30pm

source: Tom Tsamouras

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