Danny Ireland Goalkeeping


Danny Ireland Goalkeeping in association with Newcastle Football is the leading goalkeeping academy in the Newcastle region. Danny Ireland Goalkeeping offers exclusive goalkeeper coaching curriculum developed and delivered by our team of goalkeeper coaches.

Developed through the Newcastle Football program and signing professionally for Coventry City in the United Kingdom, Danny is back from the UK and coaching in Newcastle whilst playing 1st grade for Hamilton Olympic. Training with some of the best goalkeeper coaches in the world, Danny has formulated a 10-week program for junior goalkeepers to improve technique in real game situations.

During the program goalkeepers will also learn the correct mental approach, on field presence and communication to be effective in real game situations. Danny Ireland Goalkeeping conducts Private sessions on Sundays and Group Sessions which begin in February 2017. For more details, please follow the link below to register your interest.

Source: http://www.dannyirelandgoalkeeping.com/


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