Special thanks to Hamilton Olympic u17s team for 2016.


Special thanks to my under 17s team for 2016.

We won the premiership by 7 points which reflects how good we were throughout the season, but were extremely unfortunate to lose out on penalties in the grand final. We only lost once all year, thanks to some horrific officiating. There season provided many highs and very few lows. Overall it was successful and very enjoyable. I’ll never forget this year and the pride I have for these boys is hard to describe in words.


After all the hard work, hill runs, core work, push ups, endless passing drills, training in poor conditions, abuse and laughs, we came out on top. You’re all like brothers to me and I wish you all the best in the coming years. We’re a team second, and a family first and the way you have all conducted yourselves this season has made it a pleasure to coach you all.

Thanks for the amazing season lads.

source:Payton Tagaroulias

One response to “Special thanks to Hamilton Olympic u17s team for 2016.

  1. Thank YOU Payton, and of course Mario, in any case for the record the official for GF was same as the horrific officiating you are talking about above and with same team… the same official who spent half hour of pre- game warm up laughing and talking with said team. Even if our GF was NPL YOUTH we still should have had an experienced ref and not a 17 yr old. He trialled for HOFC in 2013 for NPL U15’s 2014 ( maybe wasn’t chosen!!) and then Charlestown City Blues was admitted last minute to NPL and therefore went back to that club as his father was junior head coach. I know all this cause Jonny played with him in CCB U12A back in 2011.
    In any case WE are the best team 2016 … GF means nothing when won/lost on basically a toin coss… I hate penalties !! and I hate losing and especially to them. But very proud of Jon and all the team on their hard work and dedication… MINOR PREMIERS is way more important than GF !!
    keep up the good work Payton.
    Cheers Gianna Bacci


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