PS4 NPL NNSW Round 12: Hamilton Olympic held to a 2-2 draw by Lambton Jaffas


On a warm and sunny afternoon at Darling St Oval Olympic took on a depleted Lambton Jaffas side.

Before the teams had enough time to warm up a seemingly innocent shy from the right into the Olympic box, caught the defense of the home side napping and Ben Hay opened the account with a simple tap in 0-1!

Olympic then spent the next 10 minutes creating 4-5 great goal scoring opportunities to put the ball at the back of the Jaffas net, but without success.

The game is fast and free flowing and the smell of goals is in the air. Olympic are in charge but need to close Jaffas down much quicker to dominate possession and limit the opposition’s offensive moves.

In the 18th minute the hearts of Olympic fans almost stopped when a shot from Ben Hay cannons off Danny Ireland’s upright!

On the half hour mark a lovely ball from the right finds Simon Mooney with time to control and fire a shot in, but the ball ends up well over the cross-bar.

 The game continues to be free flowing with Olympic failing to put Jaffas under more pressure when on the ball.

An early ball to Rhys Cooper by Jacob Bailey enables him to round Michael Williams and then in a one-on-one against the goalkeeper Brad Swancott, has no difficulty in leveling the score at 1-1.

A late  tackle on Rhys Cooper by Alex Johnston-Young results in a scuffle between the players and two yellow cards for Jaffas and one for Tommy Spencer from Olympic.

Right on half time, a rebound ball to Kevin Davison on the right, enables him to fire a shot at Danny Ireland and Olympic goes into half time 1-2 behind.


The opening 10” of the second half find Olympic trying to find a way through but Jaffas have committed numbers in the final third of the field to ensure they don’t get through.

During a build up from the right, Rhys Cooper sends a cross to the far post where Kane Goochild rises between two defenders to head the ball into the Jaffas net to level the score at 2-2.

Olympic dominate with Jaffas content at soaking up pressure and looking to catch them on the break. Despite this, there is little space available and Olympic are not creating clear cut goal scoring opportunities.

In the last 15 minutes Olympic dominate play, look for an opening but through the weight of numbers, Jaffas keep them out.

U19s Hamilton Olympic  – Lambton Jaffas  5-2

U22s Hamilton Olympic  – Lambton Jaffas  2-0



Valentine – Adamstown Rosebud 0-2

Hamilton Olympic – Lambton Jaffas 2-2

Charlestown – Maitland 0-2

Broadmeadow Magic – Weston Workers 1-0

Edgeworth – Newcastle Jets Youth  4-2



                                                                 P     W  D  L       F – A   PTS

  1. Edgeworth                          12    10   1   1       38-11      31
  2. Hamilton Olympic            12     8    4   0       36-6      28
  3. Broadmeadow Magic        12     7    4   1       33-18     25
  4. Maitland                              12     5    4   3       21-13     19
  5. Newcastle Jets Youth       12     4    2   6       26-33    14
  6. Charlestown City              12      4   2   6        19-31     14
  7. Lambton Jaffas                 12      3   3   6        18-23     12
  8. Valentine                            12      3   2   7        16-30     11
  9. Adamstown                        12      3   2   7        14-33     11
  10. Weston Workers                12     0   2  10         6-27     2


Youth NPL Results:
Olympic vs Maitland
Under 17s Olympic won 1-0
Under 15s Olympic won 5-0
Under 14s Olympic won 2-0
Under 13s Olympic won 2-0

Zone League 2
Olympic vs New Lambton
1st Grade Olympic won 7-1
2nd Grade Olympic won 3-0

source:Tom Tsamouras

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