2016 NNSWF NPL Round 10: Hamilton Olympic held to a 1-1 draw by Maitland


Hamilton Olympic suffered their second loss of points of the season at the hands of the same team that caused them to lose their first, Maitland Magpies.

After a 0-0 draw in the opening round of the season at Cook Square Park, Hamilton Olympic have powered their way to the top of the league by winning every game in the first half of the season.

On Sunday afternoon, Maitland put the brakes on the Olympic goal scoring machine by holding Olympic to a 1-1 draw.

In a tight and physical match, Olympic peppered the Maitland goal but after half an hour of play, only had a header by Kane Goodchild over the bar and a shot just wide from inside the box by the same player!

Admittedly, during this time, Danny Ireland was a mere spectator, with Maitland not creating a single goal scoring opportunity of note.

A couple of half chances fell to Olympic and one to Maitland by the end of the first half and both teams went to the dressing rooms locked at 0-0.

Maitland was well structured not to allow Olympic to score but offered little danger to the Olympic defence.

The compressed play by Maitland continued in the second half but ten minutes after the interval, Rhys Cooper received a ball from Tommy Spencer and from outside the box managed to tuck a shot through half a dozen Maitland defenders to the inside corner of the Magpie goal, 1-0!

This put the hearts of the Olympic faithful back in their place and the three points appeared on the horizon.

The match continued with Maitland very tight at the back but now showing some enterprise in front of the Olympic goal. During one such move, the Olympic defence retreated, Matthew Thompson received the ball inside the box and without a defender anywhere near him, he had enough time to pick his spot and tuck the ball into the Olympic net!

Despite the efforts of the Olympic players in the 6 minutes that remained, the 1-1 score line remained.

U22s  Hamilton Olympic – Maitland  4-1
U19s  Hamilton Olympic – Maitland  3-1


Newcastle Jets Youth – Weston Workers 3-0

Valentine – Charlestown City Blues  3-2

Adamstown Rosebud  – Broadmeadow Magic 3-3

Hamilton Olympic – Maitland 1-1

Edgeworth  –  Lambton Jaffas  5-0


                                                                     P     W  D  L   F – A   PTS

  1. Hamilton Olympic              9      7   2   0     27-5     23
  2. Edgeworth                            9      7   1   1      29-9     22
  3. Maitland                                9      4   4   1     19-9      16
  4. Broadmeadow Magic           9     4   4   1     25-16    15
  5. Charlestown City                 9      4   2   3     19-19   14
  6. Lambton Jaffas                    9      2   2   5     11-16     8
  7. Newcastle Jets Youth         9      2   2   5     16-26    8
  8. Valentine                               9      2   2   5     12-24    8
  9. Adamstown                           9      2   1   6     11-30     7
  10. Weston Workers                   9     0    2   7     5-20    2

Youth NPL
Olympic vs Charlestown
Under 17s Olympic won 3-1
Under 15s Olympic won 3-1
Under 14s drew 1-1
Under 13s Olympic won 3-0

Zone League 2
Olympic vs Muswellbrook
1st Grade Muswellbrook won 2-6
2nd Grade Olympic won 5-1

source: Tom Tsamouras


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