Hamilton Olympic go top after 4-0 win over Weston Workers


Two goal Olympic hero, Rhys Cooper

In a match which will be remembered for three send offs and numerous yellow cards, Hamilton Olympic came away with a hard fought win against a tough and well organised Weston Workers.

In the opening 10 minutes supporters of both teams were treated with end to end free flowing football with neither side being able to control the game.

Weston were solid at the back and very compact in the middle in order to stop Olympic from taking control and giving it’s lethal front line the chance of creating goal scoring opportunities.

By the 19th minute Kane Goodchild entered the box from the right and during a diagonal run was impeded by Weston goalie, Ben Kennedy. The referee pointed to the penalty spot and Kennedy was shown the red card!

With the numerical advantage, Olympic find themselves with more time on the ball and probe the Weston defence several times but are unable to score. Indeed, Weston leave their back line with only three players and try and keep the midfield compact. They continue to press hard and look dangerous on the counter. On one such counter-attack in the 38’ minute Mitchell Wallace extended Danny Ireland in order for Olympic not to concede the equaliser.

Olympic continue to test the Weston goal through Kane Goodchild and Leo Bertos but the score remains 1-0 at half time.


The second half begins with both teams playing in the same way as the first. Weston are trying to keep the midfield compact to contain Olympic and threaten with counter attacks while Olympic keep looking for a way through to a second goal which will put the game beyond the visitors.

Daniel Bird soon makes way for the flying winger Pat Brown who has an immediate impact with his pacey runs from the left.

During a cross, Kane Goodchild rode up high, headed the ball and despite it being cleared, the referee judged it had crossed the line and Olympic increased its lead to 2-0.

Throughout the game, the referee has been handing out yellow cards with ease and by 70th minute, Simon Mooney collects his second and Olympic are also reduced to 10 players.

With the cushion of a 2-0 lead Olympic continue to test the Weston goal in search of a third through Kane Goodchild, Leo Bertos and Pat Brown.

A challenge by Robbie Turnball on Rhys Cooper lands him his second yellow and Weston are reduced to 9 players.

This gives Olympic more space to build and Pat Brown and Rhys Cooper have numerous near misses to make it 3-0. During one such attack Jacob Bailey passes to Rhys Cooper on the right who despite going out wide, unleashes a powerful drive which goes past the Weston goalie and into the far post to record 3-0.

The icing on the cake was placed seconds before full time when Rhys Cooper saw the keeper off his line and nailed him from the half way line to record an emphatic 4-0!


U19 had no problem disposing Weston 3-0 while the U22 left it right on full time to record a 2-1 win.

PS4 NPL NNSW Round 3 Results:

Valentine FC vs Lambton Jaffas  0-2

Hamilton Olympic vs Weston Workers  4-0

Maitland vs Newcastle Jets U21   post.

Charlestown City vs Adamstown Rosebud  2-0

Broadmeadow Magic  vs Edgeworth Eagles 1-1



                                                                           P    W   D  L    F – A           P

1  Hamilton Olympic                               4     3    1   0    10-1             10

2  Edgeworth  FC                                       4     3    1  0     9-4               10

3   Broadmeadow Magic                        4     2     2   0  10-4               8

4  Charlestown  City                                 4     2     2   0  10-5              8

5  Maitland FC                                             3      1     2  0    3-1               5

6   Adamstown Rosebud                         3     1      0   2   5-10            3

7   Lambton Jaffas                                    4     1      0    2    4-7             3

8    Weston Workers                                3      0      1   2   3-9              1

9     Valentine                                             4      0     1   3    4-9              1

10   Newcastle Jets Youth                    3     0      1    2   7-12            1

                           PS4 YOUTH NPL ROUND 7:

                           U13 Valentine – Olympic 2-6

                           U14 Valentine – Olympic 0-7

                           U15 Valentine – Olympic 0-4

                           U17 Valentine – Olympic  0-3

source: Tom Tsamouras


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