Hamilton Olympic down Newcastle Jets Youth 2-1


On a cool evening at Darling St Oval, Hamilton Olympic took on the Newcastle Jets Youth and ran out 2-1 winners in the second home pre-season match of the year.

In the opening ten minutes the Jets visited the goal of Danny Ireland several times but were unable to even test the Olympic goalie, despite the absence of both Mason Campbell and Kyle Hodges. By the 20’ mark the game proved to be an even affair with the Jets showing sharpness and mobility all over the field.
On the 21st minute a fine cross from the left by Simon Mooney finds the head of Rhys Cooper who forces a great save from the Jets goalie. Within seconds Olympic win the ball again and a fine cross from the right by Matthew Swan finds the head of Leo Bertos who has no hesitation burying it in the back of the net. 1-0!

The rest of the half saw Olympic pressing for territorial domination but Jets resisting through their fitness, sharpness and mobility all over the field.
Half time finds Olympic taking a slender 1-0 lead into the dressing room against an opponent who has not troubled our defence but who has not allowed themselves to be dominated in the middle of the field either.

The second half continues in the same tempo as the first. Olympic look dangerous in attack but lack their customary territorial domination of play due to the fitness of the Jets.Pat Brown enters the match, showing aggression and hunger for the ball, forcing a great save by the Jets goalie with a thundering shot from outside the area.

With 20’ to go, a well taken corner from the right by Pat Brown finds the head of Jacob Bailey who has no problem riffling it in the back of the Jet’s net – 2-0!
In the last 15’ Olympic begin to dominate possession and pressure the Jets for a third goal which never comes. Instead, a harmless counter attack and a lapse in concentration by the Olympic defence allows the visitors to reduce the score to 2-1.

Overall a great pre-season friendly against a quality opponent.

The junior games which preceded the main game and the presence of so many young Olympians with their parents added to a carnival atmosphere at Darling St Oval.

source:Tom Tsamouras

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