Hamilton Olympic steam roll Charlestown City 5-1


Olympic attack: 17 goals in 3 games…!!!

Hamilton Olympic continued their blitz in front of goal, scoring another 5 in round 17 of the NPL, giving no chance to Charlestown City from salvaging any points at Lisle Carr Oval.

On a warm and sunny afternoon, Olympic opened proceedings with their captain Mason Campbell after a scramble in front of the Charlestown goal.
Charlestown are playing open offensive football and every time Olympic break they look very menacing.

Just before the 40 minute mark, Simon Mooney makes a darting run on the right and despite narrowing his angle the closer he got to goal, he had no problem tucking it into the net, 2-0!

Just before half time, Charlestown had a golden opportunity to score, when they fired a shot from close range, and with Danny Ireland beaten, Reece Cooper clears off the line!

From the kick off in the 2nd half, Olympic have two narrow misses from the head of Kane Goodchild and the boot of Cody Lucas.

Ten minutes later, Kane Goodchild spreads the ball wide to Simon Mooney who sends in a perfectly weighted cross to Ben Koina, who in turn, brings it down and places it wide of the Charlestown keeper and into an empty net! With 3-0 up, Charlestown coming forward, Olympic looking very hungry during counter attacks and Kane Goodchild supreme in the air, you just had the feeling more goals would follow.

This is exactly what happened 10 minutes later when a well taken free kick by Simon Mooney from the right into a packed Charlestown box, found the head of Kane Goodchild who in turn had no problem making it 4-0!

Charlestown continue to go forward and Olympic continue to look very dangerous with every counter- attack. On one occasion when the home side made it inside the Olympic penalty area, a scramble ensured and the score was reduced to 4-1!

Seconds before the referee blew the final whistle Simon Mooney passed to Ben Koina who in turn crossed to Reece Cooper who was sprinting into the penalty box from the left and who connected with the ball to make the final score 5-1 for Olympic.

A vintaged Olympic display and an Olympic attack which has bagged 17 goals in three games!

Newcastle Jets Youth – Edgeworth 4-4
Maitland – Lambton Jaffas 1-2
Charlestown City – Hamilton Olympic 1-5
Weston Workers – Broadmeadow Magic 0-1
South Cardiff – Adamstown Rosebud 1-3

1 Edgeworth 37                                                                                                                      2 Hamilton Olympic 36                                                                                                       3 Lambton Jaffas 34                                                                                                4Weston Workers 29                                                                                         5Broadmeadow Magic 29
6 Adamstown Rosebud 25
7 Newcastle Jets Youth 14
8 Charlestown City 13
9 Maitland 12
10 South Cardiff 9

Adamstown – Newcastle Jets Youth
Lambton Jaffas – South Cardiff
Hamilton Olympic – Maitland
Broadmeadow Magic – Charlestown City
Edgeworth – Weston Workers

U22s Charlestown City – Hamilton Olympic 0-1
U19s Charlestown City – Hamilton Olympic 2-1
U17s Hamilton Olympic – Maitland 7-0
U15s Hamilton Olympic – Maitland 2-0
U14s Hamilton Olympic – Maitland 2-2
U13s Hamilton Olympic – Maitland 3-1

U13s Olympic – South Cardiff 0-3
U12s Olympic – Warners Bay 2-2
U11s Olympic – New Lambton 1-0
U10s Olympic – Nelson Bay 4-0
U9s Olympic Blue – Kotara South 4-1
U9s Olympic White – Hamilton Azzuri 10-0
U8s Olympic – Kotara 16-0
U8s Olympic – Kotara 20-0
U7s Olympic – Fletcher 6-9
U7s Olympic – result not supplied
U6s Olympic – Kotara 10-1
U6s Olympic – result not supplied
Source: Tom Tsamouras

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