Lambton Jaffas hold Hamilton Olympic to a 0-0 draw


Hamilton Olympic were held to a 0-0 draw by Lambton Jaffas in Round 13 of the NPL at Arthur Edden Oval.

Despite the 0-0 scoreline and a match in which both sides cancelled each other out, both teams had opportunities to score, particularly Olympic!

After 11 minutes of play Alex Palozzi crossed into the Olympic area, John Majurovski brought the ball down and forced a corner from Danny Ireland.

On the half hour mark Reece Cooper served a delightful ball to Simon Mooney on the left who raced down the line and hammered a shot past Brad Swancott, only for the ball to rebound off the post!

After the break, the first goal scoring opportunity fell to Olympic when Reece Cooper put Kane Goodchild through, only for Brad Swancott to save with his feet!

A little later Reece Cooper tested the Jaffas goalie with a long range shot from outside the box while Michael Bridges did the same with Danny Ireland from a well taken free kick.

Minutes before the end Mason Campbell fired a shot from a good position only for the ball to be  deflected for a corner by the Jaffas defence. From the corner Reece Cooper found himself with only the keeper to beat, but his shot sailed over the crossbar.

This draw keeps Olympic in second spot, 4 points behind Edgeworth Eagles who won away at Maitland.

Lambton Jaffas – Hamilton Olympic 0-0
Newcastle Jets Youth – Weston Workers 1-2
Adamstown Rosebud – Broadmeadow Magic 1-4
Maitland – Edgeworth 0-2
South Cardiff – Charlestown City 0-2

1 Edgeworth 30
2 Hamilton Olympic 26
3 Lambton Jaffas 25
4 Weston Workers 25
5 Broadmeadow Magic 23
6 Adamstown Rosebud 16
7 Newcastle Jets Youth 13
8 Charlestown City 12
9 Maitland 10
10 South Cardiff 5


U22s Lambton Jaffas – Hamilton Olympic 1-2

U19s Lambton Jaffas – Hamilton Olympic 1-0

U17s Hamilton Olympic – FMNC 1-1,  Hamilton Olympic – Charlestown 2-0

U15s Hamilton Olympic – FMNC 2-0, Hamilton Olympic – Charlestown 1-1

U14s Hamilton Olympic – FMNC 0-3, Hamilton Olympic – Charlestown 1-1

U13s Hamilton Olympic – FMNC 0-8, Hamilton Olympic – Charlestown 3-0

Zone League 2 Olympic vs Maryland/Fletcher
1st Grade Olympic won 5-2
2nd Grade Olympic won 4-1

U13s Olympic – Maitland 2-0
U12s Olympic – Medowie 2-1, Valentine 0-1
U11s Olympic – Lambton 3-1, Maitland 9-0
U10s Olympic – Cooks Hill 12-0, Lambton Jaffas 4-1
U9s Olympic Blue – New Lambton 3-0, Lambton Jaffas 15-0
U9s Olympic White – New Lambton 13-0, Kotara 2-0
U8s Olympic – New Lambton 4-2, Lambton Jaffas 9-0
U8s Olympic – result not supplied
U7s Olympic – New Lambton 14-2
U7s Olympic – Lambton 6-7
U6s Olympic – Lambton 5-2, Wallsend 7-3
U6s Olympic – Lambton 12-4

Source: Tom Tsamouras

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