Pathway Development Program (PDP)
Program Themes:
1. Play with both feet
2. Play the ball quickly
3. Receive the ball to face forward (as often as possible)
4. Protect the ball effectively
5. Play in and out of tight areas
6. Win the ball back (as soon as you can after you have lost it)
7. Close down opponents quickly
8. Get where you can see your opponent and the ball
9. Constant scanning
10. Communication and leadership

ORGANISATION: Group skills, 10-18 players per group
LENGTH: 10 weeks/program
COST: $120 per player/program
DAY/TIME: Monday 5.00-6.15pm and 6.15-7.30pm
PLACE: Darling St Oval (Training Field)

Skill Enhancement Program (SEP)
Program Themes:
1. Striking the ball (short passing)
2. First touch (away from opponent)
3. Striking the ball (long passing)
4. 1v1 (turning)
5. Running with the ball (away from opponent)
6. First touch (towards next action)
7. 1v1 (protecting the ball)
8. Striking the ball (finishing)
9. Running with the ball (towards opponent)
10. 1v1 (defending)

ORGANISATION:  Isolation or group training, 1-6 players   
LENGTH: Assessed by coach 
COST: $25-50 per player/session – depending on size of group
DAY/TIME: Friday 5.00-6.15pm
PLACE: Darling St Oval (Training Field)

Summer Program 9-12s competition:
Invite NOFC and other identified local players to participate in 10-week program
Mixed teams (age, gender, club)